China Aviation Museum

China Aviation Museum

Postby comet4 on Sun 31 Dec 2017, 7:09 pm

This year we went on a tour of China, something my wife has wanted to do for many years. As this was a once in a lifetime trip and one of the destinations on the tour was Beijing, I realised that this would be my only chance to visit the China Aviation museum. I decided to give a temple visit a miss and do the museum instead. As it was on the outskirts of Beijing, and difficult to get to by public transport, I decided to organise a car and driver for the day. This was necessary as very few people understand English and I needed someone to take me there, wait for me and then take me back to the hotel.
After very poor weather throughout the trip, the day of my visit had wall to wall sunshine. I was surprised to find that the museum was free, you didn’t need any I.D. to get in and you could take as many pictures as you wanted with virtually no staff or security around. In fact the massive site was practically deserted. I even walked around the boneyard without any problems. The only downside was the fact that the underground hangar displaying the old aircraft was closed for refurbishment (I think) and there was nowhere to buy any water without going outside the museum.
Anyway, enough of my trip, here are some pictures from the visit. Apologies if I've not identified the aircraft correctly.
I realise that this topic has been posted before but there do seem to be changes since then.



ImageBeriev Be-6
Qing-6/Beriev Be-6

ImageCurtiss C-46A Commando
Curtiss C-46A

ImageHarbin B-5 10290
Harbin B-5

ImageHarbin Y-5 10997
Harbin Y-5

ImageMig-15 bis 32
Mig-15 bis

ImageMig-21 or Chengdu J-7 69493
Chengdu J-7

ImageNanchang Q-51-A 11267
Nanchang Q-51-A

ImageShenyang J-6 III 51209
Shenyang J-6

ImageShenyang JJ-8 70868
Shenyang JJ-8


ImageTu-4 4134
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Re: China Aviation Museum

Postby Flankerman on Sun 31 Dec 2017, 7:27 pm

Excellent photos Graham - thanks for sharing.

I've been a couple of times - and still not fully photographed everything.

Shame about the 'cavern' though - there is some interesting stuff in there.

BTW the Be-6 is actually a Qing-6 - a Beriev Be-6 re-engined with turboprops.


PS - my pics are here :-

... and here :-

Re: China Aviation Museum

Postby comet4 on Sun 31 Dec 2017, 7:42 pm

Thanks for the update, Ken, and the links to your visit. The Museum building was closed as well as the Cavern - I obviously missed out there. I mustn't complain though as there were probably still a couple of hundred planes to see.


Re: China Aviation Museum

Postby Blackbird on Mon 01 Jan 2018, 10:15 am

Wow - great set, and somewhere else to add to the list.

Many thanks,

Andy :smile:
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Re: China Aviation Museum

Postby HeyfordDave111 on Mon 01 Jan 2018, 10:24 am

A few years back I did this in 90 minutes and photographed everything, including the tunnel. Trust me, it was a manic time but the taxi was waiting and i was on the first day of my holiday having only arrived in Beijing about 2 hours early from the UK.

It was do’able in the time frame if you didn’t dawdle, but looking at these pictures it seems things are a bit more spread out, and checking on google earth thats does indeed seem to be the case. I note the scarp yard has also gone / been replaced, and wonder if the 3rd Trident (ok a kit of parts) still survives there.

Anyway, if you get the chance to go, you must. Free, and relatively easy to get to providing you know the address to give the taxi driver. I think it cost me the equivalent of 30 quid 6 years ago.

Great pictures mate, always nice to see up to date ones from there.
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Re: China Aviation Museum - more pictures added

Postby comet4 on Wed 10 Jan 2018, 7:09 pm

Thanks for the comments. I certainly enjoyed it even though parts were not open. I don't know how HeyfordDave111 managed it in 90 minutes as the site is massive. BTW there are 2 Tridents on display with one fuselage in the boneyard. I was definitely wilting a bit in the heat with no shelter and nowhere to buy water. Still, well worth a visit if you are doing a trip to China.


ImageHarbin SH-5 02

ImageTu-4 4114

ImageShenyang J-8 20255

ImageXian B-6 10794

ImageDHC-2 Beaver 981

ImageChengdu J-7 12381

ImageConvair 240-14

ImageNanchang Q-5B 31124

ImageChengdu J-7M 12284

ImageLisunov Li-2 3029

ImageShenyang JJ-8 70868

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