Science Museum - London

Science Museum - London

Postby I.Winfield on Fri 02 Feb 2018, 3:04 pm

Hi all,

I took a visit last month to the science museum in London, having never been I was rather looking forward to getting to see the only original Fokker E.III, as well as Alcock and Brows Vimy, the Shorts SC.1 and Supermarine S.6b. With so many unique and historically important airframes I was really looking forward to taking some photos of them. Unfortunately, the museum is rather dark in the main flight section, and the SC.1 is annoyingly mounted on a wall behind 2 roof supports! However, doing my best I managed to get a few pictures that I hope are of interest.


Image_DSC4032-1 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4036-2 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4047-4 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4062-6 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4060-5 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4190-11 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4193-12 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4147-10 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC4138-9 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr

Comments and criticism are, as ever, more than welcome.


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Re: Science Museum - London

Postby Georgeconna on Sat 03 Feb 2018, 4:04 pm

If I remember the SC1 mounted Vertically in 2016 on a wall in the Large hall the last time I was there. nice shots.


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Re: Science Museum - London

Postby wv383 on Sat 03 Feb 2018, 9:48 pm

It's criminal what they did to the SC.1, chopping one wing off because their designer decided that where he wanted to go it wouldn't fit with two wings. Typical of a designer that has no clue of the history of the items he has to place. Oh and "chopped" is the correct word as that is exactly what they did. There was no sympathetic dismantling about it and no-one now knows where the other wing is. Probably buried in a skip somewhere.

Re: Science Museum - London

Postby Stagger2 on Wed 07 Feb 2018, 2:06 pm

Everything about the SC1 display is wrong!! :shock: Aside from the noted butchering to fit it in there, it's not really visible much less displayed well in an obviously unsuitable location. That bracket is hideous, the missing engine grille & the absent synonymous 3 x twin-wheel undercarriage all combine to make this important exhibit bland. :mad:
Thanks for posting the shots. Perhaps you are able to rotate pics 8 & 9 to better portray the futility?

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