AVRO RJX at Manchester Airport

AVRO RJX at Manchester Airport

Postby DerekF on Sun 18 Mar 2018, 9:04 pm

Since its arrival at Manchester Airport in 2003, the RJX100 G-IRJX had slowly deteriorated to the extent that it was looking quite neglected. Starting last summer, a team of us have made an effort at trying to restore the aircraft to a condition more fitting to a preserved aircraft. We usually attend every couple of weeks and so far have spent the time touching up the exterior, giving the aircraft a clean, returning the nosewheel so it points the right way, reinflating the tyres and generally tidying it up. Over the winter we've given the interior a bit of attention, replacing the flooring in the rear cabin and cleaning the flight deck. Here's a few snaps of the aircraft over the last few months.

Looking clean and shiny last October.
Image20171014_091609 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Still has the engines fitted and the fans still capable of being turned albeit by hand,
ImageIMG_1488 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

The hydraulic bay is in an almost new condition.
Image20180210_133451 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

The airbrakes and rudder access panels open for inspection. Most of the aircraft is still in great condition
Image20171014_110847 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

The right elevator and servotab have suffered some damage in the wind. Access is tricky though.
Image20180224_142956 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

In the snow in December.
Image20171209_095943 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

There are plans to remodel the interior to allow a walk-through for the public.
Image20170916_124014 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

In the sunshine in February.
Image20180224_133945 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Image20180224_134226 by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Work will continue this year, keeping on top of the cleaning and carrying on with the refurbishing.
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Re: AVRO RJX at Manchester Airport

Postby Alpha Delta 210 on Tue 20 Mar 2018, 9:57 am

She's looking lovely. This is one place that I keep meaning to visit.
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Alpha Delta 210

Re: AVRO RJX at Manchester Airport

Postby Sundowner on Sun 25 Mar 2018, 8:35 am

Nice work there, well done to you and the rest of the team.

Re: AVRO RJX at Manchester Airport

Postby airstrike on Tue 03 Apr 2018, 8:55 pm

Great job guys. A testemant to your hard work. A vast improvement on its previous appearance.

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