RAF100 Flypast

RAF100 Flypast

Postby Costar1198 on Tue 10 Jul 2018, 11:41 pm

Viewed from St. James Park, at exactly the same point that I watched the QBF, I was surprised at how many actually showed up, given there were less at the QBF... I would have thought the Queens Birthday would be an event that a lot of Joe public would attend as opposed to the birthday of an air force. Maybe there were less Joe public and more enthusiasts, due to the size... I shall never know... Overall a lovely flypast, well worth the struggle to get out that followed. Although the inner demon in me was secretly hoping for a Tonka to come by at full pelt :grin: , yeah that would never happen, don't want to hurt the Queen's ears now do we? But yeah, onto the video. Apologies for the birds, the screaming child in the distance, the shakiness on some clips (God help me when Saturday comes and I need to film RIAT :sweat: ) and the generally terrible camera quality(I shall upgrade when I can). But anyways, I shall stop rambling on now. Enjoy!
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