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Postby austinp on Fri 08 Sep 2017, 9:50 am

If that's the case Stagger2, I humbly apologise to Huw :-)

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Postby HuwJHopkins on Fri 08 Sep 2017, 10:30 am

austinp wrote:
HuwJHopkins wrote:So let me get this right. You want airshow organisers (such as those at Duxford) to talk to other airshow organisers to avoid clashes, except in the circumstance where that has seemingly happened and there isn't a clash (involving a Duxford show), where you actually want the two airshows to clash!?


You seem to have got mixed up a lot there Sir.

On behalf of the people, it would be in the interest of the Organisers to TALK to each other to avoid clashing. The season flies by fast, and is short, yet there is room for zero clashing IMO.

I referenced Duxford September Airshow, since I have been going (for the last 10 years plus), it has also been in the slot that Scampton has seemingly taken this year. Whether that is because Duxford and DBH talked to each other, or whether Duxford took it upon themselves to change the date; I was just putting it out there, in case anyone knew the reason for the change by DUX.

At no point did I suggest I want airshows to clash. In that respect, you've missed the point completely.

Apologies, I seem to have mistaken your displeasure at Scampton and Duxford not clashing as a wish that they had infact clashed, as that is the opposite scenario to the one which has displeased you.
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Re: Flying Legends 2018

Postby Stagger2 on Fri 08 Sep 2017, 4:07 pm

Well! That's all cleared-up then? :dizzy:
No offence, No harm, No need!


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