Duxford Air Festival 2018

Duxford Air Festival 2018

Postby Airshowhammer on Tue 02 Jan 2018, 9:41 am

Thought i'd get the ball rolling. Set to be on the weekend of the 26-27th May. Only 4 months to go! Always really look forward to this one as it kicks off my airshow season. What aircraft would you like to see make an appearance? I'd like to see a bit more burner, International participation and a little less of the fill in acts like the Wingwalkers and Autogyro. Belgian F16/ Typhoon/ Swiss Hornet/ CV-22 display, Patrouille De France & possibly a US heavy flypast from a B-52 or KC-135. The Oil Spill 727 would be a welcome addition also.
For warbirds i'd like to see the Dutch B-25 and A26 Sugarland Express if its still out and about?
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