Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby UK Airshow Review on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 4:32 pm

With the VE-Day showcase filling the sky with plenty of noise, that wraps up what has been yet another excellent edition of the Cosford Airshow, with the weather forecast luckily not being as dire as first predicted.

With several brilliant highlights, including the Muscle Pitts, Swiss Hornet and Boeing 727 to name just a few, we would like to hear your feedback on the show!

From all the team here at UK Airshow Review, we hope you had a fantastic day and look forward to seeing all of your pictures in due course!
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby CJS on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 5:34 pm

A great show, will definitely be back next year (I might indeed still be here trying to get out :-P). 727, Blades and The Reds were the highlights for me. The unannounced JP display was graceful and poignant, Belgian Viper and Swiss hornet good too. And I thought the solo Typhoon was a great display. I enjoyed the first pass and howl from 558 but didn't think the rest was particularly better than I've seen before. Also liked the twin Apache display.

Apart from the commentary (:-o) ) thoroughly enjoyed my day - big congratulations to Peter and the team.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Pat Murphy on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 5:36 pm

Ok. As I am home by 6pm, I'll have first go. Edit: Second Go :roll:

Air Display: Very good in the main, nothing could be done about the weather or the cancellations that left holes in the show at times and the star items had to be the 727, Swiss Hornet, Typhoon and The Muscle Pitts for me.

Static: It is what it is at Cosford, given the size of the runway but a notable few gems including the Dutch NH90, if you could get a free shot of it :roll: The Italian AW and the Irish PC9's but the special mention has to go to the TSR2. Spot on. More please RAF Museum.

Traffic: Note that this separate from parking :sad: Traffic early on was no problem at all although talking to a family next to me did reveal a queue for the last 2 miles that took 2 hours to complete, but at least they were parked in a decent position.....

Which brings me to the Thorniest Issue for me:

I know you cannot please all of the people all of the time but, having got up at the ungodly hour of 5.15, driven to the show to arrive early to get, what you hope, to be an advantage for doing that and helping the organisers spread the traffic loading, you then don't expect to be placed in the worst place possible, namely car park 7 behind the museum. It would be easy for me to say that it was just me having a whinge and a moan and I will get over it for next year, but I won't. That's it for me. Of more concern, maybe, to the organisers is that I was not the only one making this point known. In fact, all I heard around me was "Why have they stuck us out here, when we got here early" There were plenty of complaining people at the ticket booths as well so I am sure they are aware of the opinions of a good many people. More galling still was that the later arrivals, midday onwards, were filling the front lines from the Augusta towards the Station End :question:
So I have learnt today that when it comes to Cosford, your damned if you get there early and your stuck in a car park miles from the front and if you arrive late you are in a long queue and get the best seats. :dizzy:
So, sadly, because as I said, it was a good show only let down by events beyond reasonable control, It will be my last Cosford Airshow :sad:
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Wissam24 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 5:56 pm

Well that was a very good show that did not lack for the cancellation 's at all. SAR zone was very well put together, TSR-2 was gorgeous.

Without going into detail for everything, pretty much everything g was flown very well. Rich Goodwin was as entertaining as ever, and his commentator should definitely go pro. Apaches with pyros are stonking! Both typhoon displays were brilliant. But my star act was the 727 formation and display, oh man what a sight! Threw it round the sky!

Sean Maffett has been discussed but what a wally. So many mistakes.

And getting out was smooth as you like!
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby RickIngham on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 6:14 pm

It was my first time at Cosford and thought it was a well put together show with plenty to see.
A few points to bring up though...
- Cones/barriers were far too close to the aircraft in the static - quite often impossible to get a shot without people in the way, let alone without rope or a cone. I understand space is tight but for example the Harrier at the back had a lot of spare room around and was still packed in tight.
- Secondly the car park became part of the crowd line and we had to ask several families to pack up and move so we could get out. Just not sure enough space was left between the rows of cars. I appreciate there's not a lot of room to spare but could something be negotiated with a local farmer and a park and ride possibly be set up? I felt awful asking families to pack up and move aside to let me out with a few other cars behind.
Plenty of toilets and food stalls though and the static was well thought out. I couldn't get anywhere near the front of the crowd to see the flying display so can not comment.
Congrats to Peter and the rest of the team for a successful show and I'm glad the weather helped out!
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Leebee0 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 6:58 pm

Hi all

I thought this was by far one of the best Cosford Air Shows in years. I really enjoyed the varied flying display. Lovely formations the Reds with the four BBMF Fighters and the 727 and Blades flypast were amazing.

Great fast jet displays from all but Vulcan display was a little disappointing but still really enjoyed 558 as I always do. Chinook and Apache displays were excellent.

Great to see so many warbirds there too. No issues getting in or out ether so overall we had a great day out. Many thanks must go to Peter and the team for bringing us such a great Air Show. So let's better it next year and see if those gaps left by the Mig and RD can be filled for the 2016 show. :smile:



Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby 106500 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 6:59 pm

Sean did make quite a few errors - one howler was announcing that the Catalina was cancelled just as it was in sight on hold waiting to display!

All in all not a bad show though albeit cancellations reduced its potential from excellent to good. Disappointing that F16, synchro Typhoon and Chinook were all substitutes so we didn't see new liveries. Agree with car parking comments earlier. Got there at 8:30 and had to park in a farmers field! Very busy on crowd line but then Cosford usually is! Great F16 display (my choice for best display), F-18 generally ok. Typhoon good and synchro excellent especially closing break. Vulcan not a patch on last year. 727 good if rather quiet. Good Voyager tanker pass and climb out but no show for the C130.

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby boff180 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 7:36 pm

My first Cosford since 2005 and what a success!

All in all the show was a massive success, the wide variety of static was excellent, the set up of the TSR in the sun was amazing.

Traffic Management to get out was superb, taking just 20 minutes to get home over the run on a usual day :clap:

The flying, if a little broken up was excellent with a great mix of acts that was hard to fault, the show didn't suffer with the loss of its three star acts.

I had two negatives from the show, and that's sod all really.

1. The location of the runway caravan at Crowd centre meant it blocked alot of low down action, especially on the runway... the Lynx vanished behind it from our angle.

2. The commentary. I know UKAR Staff have a reputation for complaining about commentary however the performance of Mr Maffett today was nothing short of unacceptable. Time after time he got his facts wrong (claiming Cosford was the only place in the world to see a moving Jaguar, Hangar 11's P-40 was the only outside of the US, the Catalina had cancelled.etc), at some stages me and the group of people all started asking the question "what has he been smoking?". Then (which I didn't hear myself) the Chinook Alton Towers comment... if that had been made on TV by a presenter... they'd never work again and the papers would have had a field day.

Well done to the organising team, it was a great show that really raised Cosford's standing in the UK airshow scene.

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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Sundowner on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 7:45 pm

An excellent day out, got there early-ish (7.20) on base within 15 minutes or so & parked in a good spot in car park 1.
A great variety of acts in the flying display, something for everybody.....there were seven of us & I'm the only "enthusiast" in the family but every single one had their own favourites & all said they would be back next year.
For me personally the 727 really stood out & the Reds can do no wrong in my eyes, just a pity they couldn't do their full display.
Again the statics were just about as good as can be expected at Cosford....the TSR2 outside....well I would have gladly paid the £22 just to see that.
The wife loves the re-enactors (if that's what they're called) I like the old Jeeps & stuff & we all enjoy a rummage through the "tat" stalls.....its books for me...I just can't help myself... :biggrin:
We got in the car at 5.20 & were off the base by 5.30,, that was a pleasant surprise as it's always taken well over an hour in the past so I was well chuffed about that.

So summing up I'd just like to say a great big thank you to the entire team involved in every aspect of the show, don't beat yourselves up about the cancellations or the weather, they are beyond your control & this family is already looking forward to next year.

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby TYPHOON3 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 7:51 pm

I have been going to Cosford regularly since 2004 and for me it was the best yet.Best varied display programme with just a few waiting gaps the only negative.Sean Maffet did make a few mistakes-he has been better but maybe his age is starting to catch up with him a bit with all due respect.Then again is he reading what is in front of him which is the wrong info ?Traffic much better so Congratulations to Peter and the team for putting on a great show.More of the same next year please with maybe a different commentator.

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Domvickery on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 7:53 pm

I cant do anything but echo everyone else's comments.

Flying: great, a really good mix, I found it hard to take a toilet break (Sorry wing walkers) :grin: plus a stonking way to end the show too!

Static: A really good selection, SAR section was really well presented, the harrier in the pen looked great & the TSR2 :drool:

Commentary: Sean 'every aircraft has a tedious link to the Vulcan' Maffet, was ok apart from he didnt mention the Typhoon was running in until it was at crowd center, the jaguars & P-40 comments. Shut him up about the Vulcan & he would have been alot better, I wont comment on the Alton towers line

Lastly traffic: arrived at the M54 junction at 07.00 & by 7.20am was parked up, took less than 15 mins to get out too

One of the best Cosfords for years for me, hats off to all involved, a well deserved pint should be consumed!
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Mooshie1956 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 7:55 pm

Domvickery wrote: I found it hard to take a toilet break (Sorry wing walkers) :grin:

Don't talk to me about toilet breaks, forgot the 727 was doing a flypast with the Blades :sad:
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Mooshie1956 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 8:41 pm

My take on the day. I won't say everything went well it didn't, but those few niggles as that's really all the were, can be forwarded to the airshow team. The show itself I thought was excellent, pity about the cancellations and then the Cameo Typhoon not showing put a bit of a dampener on it. But overall I thought the running order was well balanced. Only display that didn't do anything for me was the glider but I can't have everything to order, others will most probably enjoyed it. Really enjoyed seeing the BBMF fighters doing some 4 ship flypasts, BBMF and Red also great to see, I won't go into toilet breaks as the 727 and Blades did there flypast (grrrr). Ending with the Apache demo and VE day celebration was a great way to finish the show.

Oh well done to the team for putting on a great show for us.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby captainfurious on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:05 pm

I echo much of the above. Fantastic day. Didn't even realise how impressive the museum was which was an excellent diversion waiting for most traffic to disappear. Excellent opportunities to get into aircraft, including the Jaguar, which my daughter loved.

Thought static was a little thin but display made up for it even with this week's cancellations. Highlight for me must be the muscle bi-plane and the phenomenonal commentary. Suited the display brilliantly.

I have never got into the debate of commentators in the past but today was really poor. I'm not the most knowledgeable guy on aircraft but if I had a pound each time a Typhoon was a Tornado. Reminded me a little of Murray Walker in his latter years, but he had Brundle to correct him.

My first Cosford and won't be my last.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Adamwilliams132 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:17 pm

First lets start by saying what a great show it was !
Flying display was great nice display by the Belgian F16 early in the show got everyone forgetting about the dull weather! Typhoon solo was loud and looks a good display this year, meteor is a personal favourite of mine and was displayed well, did hope the voyager would do more than one pass and did I miss the herc flypast ? Chinook is always a great display and was enjoyed my many people near me, thought the Vulcan was a tame display, the Reds and the BBMF formation was nice to see and was a nice touch to the theme of the show.

Only negative was the commentary, got things wrong all day! Typhoon was described as a tornado many times! Also mixed up the BBMF several times!
Introduced the typhoon after it had introduced itself with a noisy pass!
Also a reprinted time schedule in the program I payed £6 for wouldn't have gone a miss ( I understand that the times change late on but a photocopied piece of paper would have been nice!) or even the commentator announcing the changes to the line up.

Also was t there meant to be 5 fighters from the BBMF ? Where was the camo typhoon ?

Big honourable mention to Rich Goodwin that display is one of the best non fast jet routines I've seen !!

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Ian G on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:24 pm

Hadn't been to the show since 2010, I have never found Cosford great value for money compared to other shows plus you're shooting in to the sun all day for pictures - nice for the sun tan but awful for pictures, especially when it's overcast like today. However, we were looking forward to a decent and different show this year with what promised to be an amazing line up.
Cancellations were disappointing from the enthusiasts point of view, however there were some great stand out highlights - Rich Goodman was just top notch, 727 was superb and there were some nice passes from the meteor. Nice to see the fast jet action but they didn't really stand out above those just mentioned for me.
Traffic was pretty good getting in apart from one cadet who, when we were in a line of traffic, picked up a cone, walked alongside our car for about 20 metres and then plonked the cone in front of us and told us to change lanes!! Well move the ruddy cone so we can move, dimwit! Coming out was horrendous - we were parked right down the far end of the airfield so couldn't move anywhere. Came to the car at 4.30 and didn't get out of the exit until 6.15. Not very impressed at all.
Tons of windbreaks and tents right near the display line - when we were searching for a spot to sit down, I did note some of the crowd control staff were telling some people who had put up a ridiculously sized tent that they had to take it down. Also heard an argument between some Wolverhampton-esque oik and a family who had put up a windbreak which blocked his view. . . I have to say it was like a cattle market at times. When I went to the toilet at one point it was like I was re-enacting the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he spells out 'Jehovah' on the steps. . . I could hardly get past everyone who was sat not just on the crowd line but also by the cars as they did seem to be parked very close. I was actually stepping over people. If there had been an evacuation or accident, heaven forbid, it would have been interesting to see how everyone moved out of the area. Never known crowding like that.
Judging by the distinct lack of large lenses near to me, it seems to be a family day out rather than an enthusiasts day so it was good to see so many people in awe of the displays, especially some children near me who watched the red arrows wide-eyed and open-mouthed.
Commentary was not good! Didn't help that they were miles from the display line, the team commentating on the large models couldn't distinguish what was what, no wonder Sean Maffett couldn't see the Catalina holding which he had said cancelled. Seemed a very poor production, lots of background noise, not the usual Airsound professionalism. As for the Alton Towers joke, well, a light-hearted jibe I guess, but not a wise comment in my opinion. Tannoys were ear-piercingly loud too at times. I think it was the resonance of the vibraphone when the 'Vision on Gallery Theme' was played that my ears started to bleed. . . And there were lots of changes to the display which were not announced, seemed a disjointed show what with changes/cancellations. Didn't hear any more about the C130?
All in all not a bad day out but I doubt I'd do it again soon. Arriving early didn't help, people arrived much later than us (we got there at about 8) and set up in any gap possible, so it doesn't always pay to get there early, plenty of spaces closer to the display starting.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby iainpeden on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:24 pm

Great day out. Came by coach from Leicester- downside was being last pickup and last drop off so I got home about 9. We left 2 people behind because they hadn't arrived 30 minutes afte schedule - anybody see 2 oriental people walking back down the m54.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby BlueParrot on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:27 pm

I'm an occasional cosford attendee and very much enjoyed the show. Gutted about the absent MiGs, Mirages and Orion and do feel for the organisers, ditto the weather. I arrived about 10 and was one of those lucky ones getting parked by the static helos which was great (sorry everyone). Agree with the comments about very efficient traffic control on entry and exit.

To be honest the operational/ standard marked F16 was prefable to the "usual" special scheme airframe but I had hoped to catch the camo Typhoon. Really enjoyed the 727 and the x4 spits/hurricanes. Meteor was a really nice display as well as was the JP.

Overall I left thinking that I would try and come back for 2016

What really makes Cosford for me is the chance to see the working hangars and I felt compelled to register on this forum and record the unsung heros of the students and staff who give up their time to make this possible. There were some great lads there by their plane/ bomb/ missile/ Mauser who were ready to give an explanation of the item and discuss RAF careers / training. I felt they were a fantastic reflection on the RAF and deserve a special mention.

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby WG655 on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 9:56 pm

Certainly a day of mixed fortunes for Cosford - as well as the no-shows (Bulldog, Hercules etc) did anyone else also notice the lack of special schemed airframes? (due to technical/weather issues I assume.) No special Chinook, no camo Typhoon, no 'blizzard' F-16 as well as a UBAS Tutor.)


- Great aircraft participation and usage; having only ever been to the museum previously I wasn't aware of just how limited space was on the airfield as far as aircraft hardstanding goes. The Dutch NH90 was a particular highlight of mine, but your hard work and effort really paid off Peter. It was of course a disappointment to lose the three enthusiast acts however the show did not come off worse because of it as far as value for money goes. VE Day salute was excellent (that first Mustang solo pass in particular!) Other particular higlights for me in the flying - 727, Hornet and Rich Goodwin; overall a great flying display which it is pretty hard to fault.

- Ground displays - Super to see such willingness from the RAF personnel to show what the usual job of Cosford is - I never thought when I woke up this morning I'd watch a Jaguar having its Adour hoisted out in one of the hangars! Sadly due to getting on site a little late, I didn't spend as much time looking through these as I would have liked although there were clearly a lot of captivated people both young and old. Static displays were a little bunched in places (the nature of the site) but it was all worth it for the opportunity to shoot a TSR2 outdoors. It would be great if this became a lasting relationship between yourselves and the museum (perhaps a different aircraft each year to suit a theme.)


- Commentary: As well as the string of errors mentioned above, the Alton Towers remark was very poor conduct from a man commentating to 50,000 people. His lack of awareness as to what was going on was not very helpful to spectators, which perhaps was not helped by the location of the commentary point? I was at crowd centre and the commentary tent seemed rather a long way west of that. His hero-worship of some of the pilots (particularly Withers) was a little cringeworthy too.

- Traffic management: Being parked towards the east of the airfield, there seemed to be little organisation on the way out compared to coming in. I left around 7pm in the hope the traffic would die down however this did not seem to be the case at all. One of the RAF guys stood in front of our car (by itself) waiting to enter the queue out for a good 15mins whilst the main flow of traffic was being stopped and started due to people disobeying instructions and cutting into already moving queues from random parts of the car park. I also noticed a lot of traffic simply cutting out the queue and driving across the north side of the helicopter apron to speed up their exit. A much more regimented traffic plan is undoubtedly needed if such large numbers are to be catered for again.

- Rule breaches: I saw dogs on the airfield which were clearly just pets, as well as lots of tents and windbreaks - also the website rules stated no motorhomes yet I saw plenty in attendance. It would be good to have more confident policing of these issues.

A little tired, so I'll have a more detailed think of these issues soon but all in all a great airshow which does a great job given what is available (ie relatively small airfield.) Won't rule it out for 2016! :up:
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Craig on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 10:18 pm

So just got home and overall been a very good day. Could have been excellent, but most of the "cons" were outside the control of the team who must have done some swearing after working so hard but getting so many snags.

So, the pros:

-The 727. Rare type and awesome display!

-The "Muscle Biplane". A display made all the more enjoyable for expecting nothing from it! Commentary was fantastic!

-The Apache demo. Highlight of the flying demo for me. Very dynamic and all nice and tight.

The cons:

-There still wasn't enough capacity on rail services. At 5:45 there were queues of well over an hour to get sandwiched onto a train. Some services were strengthened but many more were not. Hiring in dedicated rolling stock for a shuttle should not be impossible.

-The Vulcan. Lovely topside to finish which was very welcome but a somewhat flat display.

-The sheer volume of cancellations. Not the organisers fault but no cammo Typhoon on top of everything else meant the vast majority of what I bought tickets to see I didn't see. Disappointing, but can't get helped.

Overall an enjoyable day, and if next year's lineup looks anything like this year's I'll be going again.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby 2e1var on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 5:02 am

Great show as always. Highlights for me were the Rich Goodwin and the 727, commentary on the Pitts was hilarious. Always love 558 but I did find the display a bit tame. No issues with entry and parking.
I love Sean's commentary, at least he doesn't drone on with absolute dribble like some I've heard. I know he slips up (some of these must be do to info that's passed onto him though), reminds me of Murray Walker :) I think he has real character, although I'm not sure we'll ever hear from him again after the Alton Towers gaff.

Well done to all and thanks for a great show.

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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby alk630 on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 6:37 am

I have specifically registered to say a massive thanks to the organisers of this year's Cosford air show. I travelled with my wife and two elderly parents from West Yorkshire early yesterday. The traffic was busy on arrival, but no worse than any other air show event we've visited over the years. Considering how much a day at Silverstone for Formula 1 costs, the whole day was both extremely enjoyable and great value for money, even with the late unplanned cancellations. At the risk of sounding boring, the highlights of the day were definitely the fast jets and Vulcan, which my father had worked on in the 1960s.... to see this beast in its last flying year and the look on his face was absolutely priceless. I would also like to echo peoples' views on the Pitts' commentary.... we all had tears streaming down our faces as we listened to what sounded like a Paul Whitehouse sketch.

Congratulations and well done to the organisers and staff working yesterday :smile:

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby not_the_dj on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 8:18 am

Our third Cosford. We're a family with two kids (6 and 4).

Arrived on base about 8:15 and got parked in Car Park 3, inline with the Victory Village. Getting in at that time as fine and the traffic management worked well then, we had a nightmare in previous years so made sure we left nice and early.

We had time this year to have a good look at the static displays, which were excellent, especially the SAR (my eldest lad loves the Sea King and Whirlwind....I guess being big and yellow is an advantage over big and grey).

The guys running the "sitting in a Jag" section were really friendly and happy to have a 4 year old pressing every switch in the cockpit.

The flying displays were excellent, we got a spot at the back of the crowd line enclosures. My eldest lad likes to take photos so he spent most of the show on my shoulders (I sure can feel it this morning!) but being at the back I don't think we caused to many problems for people behind us. Later on after the Vulcan crowd packed up and went we managed to get down the front for the Apache demo, which really was a highlight.

Other highlights were certainly Rich Goodwin (awesome as always) and the fantastic commentary, The Blades and the F16.

The final section for VE70 was a brilliant end, a perfect finale.

The Vulcan display was a bit dull which was a real shame, after a nice howl near the start it seemed to just give up and go home, not a display fitting for it's final season.

The Alton Towers "joke" was in poor taste, but it seemed like a genuine apology with some real regret in his voice.

After the displays we had another look at the SAR zone and then had a second picnic by our car. Left about 7:45 from a near empty carpark and got out without any problems.

Another great visit and we'll be back next year.
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Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Wrighty78 on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 9:02 am

A massive thanks to Peter and his team. Not only for organising another top notch airshow but also for the communication in the build up.
Impressed this year with the traffic. Set off out of the field at 1820. Back home in Pontefract at 2035.
Highlights for me was the 727 and all the fast jets but loved the tiffie last move with the synchro pair. Fast and loud :rock:
Biggest downside for me was the cones/rope around the statics but that can be said for most if not all of recent airshows.
It's wet my appetite for the rest of the season and I will definitely be attending next year.

Re: Cosford 2015 - The Feedback Thread

Postby Jonnym on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 9:09 am

I think almost everything that was in the hands of the organisers was fantastic. The cancellations, type swaps and weather certainly is unavoidable but couldn't put the dampener on what was a fantastic day.

Excellent flying display from start to finish. Typhoon solo and chinook were probably the best displays I've seen them perform. Rich Goodwin was superb as usual and his commentator friend was fantastic. My thoughts on Sean Maffett are the same as has been said in previous posts but I also think there's a time for commentators to put down the mic and let us hear the sounds of what flies in front of us.

Staff were superb. Well organised and clearly worked hard throughout the day.

Traffic management - except for the 'con' below, the traffic management was excellent and although I'd stayed about after the show and visited the Cold War exhibition, getting on and off was easy and one of the best enters/exits of any airshow I've attended.

The TSR2 - nothing more needs to be said!


the holding car park for early birds did irk me as the gates were opened with us still in the Holding car park. Not too fussed about the walk but to then find that the crowdline already had windbreakers and tents set up was frustrating as I had attended early to get front of crowd line.

Tents and windbreakers - some of these were just inappropriate in size. When you're already limited for crowdline line space, this needs policing a bit better in my opinion.

All in all though a superb day which offered great value and it was clear to see the thought and logistics that went into the planning of the event, so a huge well done to Peter and the team.
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