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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2016 - [Official Topic]

Postby 106500 on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 11:30 am

Pat Murphy wrote:
Bit surprised to hear the home team didn't taxi any of the Jags though. I thought that was very popular item last year, given the reaction around me when they started up :question:
The lack of Jaguar taxi demonstration was outside of our control sadly.

Just wondering if there is a little more information on why there was no Jaguar Taxi?

Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2016 - [Official Topic]

Postby st24 on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 3:41 pm

PeterR wrote:
st24 wrote:The best shots are in the revetment- Spotty, arctic Harrier and perhaps the ripple pair (space?) should have been in there but I understand the speed line up.

Geoff, I can't make any promises yet but.... I will try and get Spotty and a couple of friends parked in the DOTA next year for nice clear images. :heyhey:

It would be so nice to finally nail Spotty after what, is it 5 years of trying?!?
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