RIAT 2019

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All you'll ever need to know about the UK's biggest airshow
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Re: RIAT 2019

Wed 10 Oct 2018, 8:20 pm

Can't agree with 8.6% being cheap credit. If it was my business I would do what RIAT is doing, lack of cash flow is what sinks a business.
Can't get excited about this tbh.

Re: RIAT 2019

Tue 16 Oct 2018, 8:07 am

Adie1980 wrote:
Gonzo230 wrote:
iaint wrote:I think it’s asked every year and the following years I always forget - but has anyone got a history of entry prices over the last 10years, for example?
Price continues to creep up and what’s the justification for continual rises? Super Earlybird tickets edging closer to £50, full price near to £60! :hypno:
Aware there will be those who try to counter by saying it’s only a £2 increase, very small, only 4% up on 2017 SE ticket price, but it’s yet another rise. Do the advertised prices also include admin and booking fees? Add a couple more quid on top then if not and you are at the £50/60 mark already...

Hence the question about a historical view of prices as it surely was much less than 10 years ago that Super Earlbirds were mid-£30 and the full price tickets also sub £50

Devils advocate......how much did your car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, electricity, gas, petrol/diesel et al costs increase by over the past 12 months?

How much do we think RIAT’s costs have increased by since last year? Hotel accommodation for crews? Vehicle rental? Catering companies, fuel (aircraft and vehicle) etc?

None of my insurances, electricity, gas, petrol/diesel costs increased by 60% (the percentage increase in cost for a Friday ticket) in the last 24 months..... :tumbleweed:

Yes, but we weren't talking about the change in Friday's prices, if you look at the original quote.
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