Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby Nielis on Sun 09 Jan 2011, 7:20 pm

1. Raptor at RIAT
2. My First BUFF at RIAT
3. Super Hornet at RIAT
4. Low Pass C-130J-30 USAFE at the Marget Garden Memorial Paradrop
5. Team Viper at Sanicole
6. 3 Skyraiders at the Flying Legends
7. C-17 Demo at Gilze Rijen
8. Return of the Dutch Spit at Gilze Rijen
9. A400M at RIAT
10. Role Demo at RIAT
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Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby Unknown74 on Sun 09 Jan 2011, 8:32 pm

The Unknown74 Top 10 Airshow Moments 2010 - in no particular order

1) Spitfire, Tornado F.3, Typhoon Formation at Leuchars, followed by Spitfire and Typhoon Duo
2) Just to see the Vulcan XH558
3) RAF Tornado GR.4 Tac Demo
4) RAF Typhoon Display - Seen at Leuchars and it's return to Edinburgh Airport after Perth Display
5) RAF Red Arrows (as normal excellent)
6) RAF Display Hawk's return to Edinburgh Airport from Perth on the Saturday - run and break, sensational
7) Belgian AF F-16 Display
8) Swedish Saab Pair - Leuchars
9) Not an Airshow but a Tour I made of Sunderland NEAM, Elvington, Midland Air Museum Coventry and Cosford (Cold War Museum especially)
10) Just to see a VC-10 on Static - at Leuchars

Sorry but I am Scottish and can't get to many English Airshows.

Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby stratocaster on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 8:31 am

Ok Here goes!
1) Typhoon and Spitfire display - Leuchars
2) Vulcan - Leuchars
3) Dutch F16 - Leuchars
4) BoBMF - Leuchars
5) Czech Gripen - Leuchars
6) Tornado,Typhoon and Spitfire take off and display - Leuchars
7) The Blades - Leuchars
8) Huey display - Perth
9) Team Viper - Leuchars
10) Typhoon/Tornado display ( End of show ) - Leuchars.

No doubt if I'd have been to RIAT last year I would have placed the Raptor in my top 10 as that is some plane!!
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Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby Unknown74 on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 10:56 am

I really think I would have had the Tornado F.3 Finale from Leuchars on my Top 10 but unfortunately we had to leave the Show early as is usual to beat the traffic. Never mind still hoping to find a day before they retire to at least see Tornado F.3s and Typhoons at Leuchars if the nasty rumours going around are to be believed.

Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby muflon on Sun 16 Jan 2011, 9:33 am

1) Axalp and my first "production" trip to the other side.

2) Zoersel Air-to-Air Academy

3) Witnessing the C17 rehearsal at the Gilze-Rijen spotter day. Well, not sure if it was "top" in a positive sense - it was, if I count correctly, my third time at the airshow when I thought that I'd rather be somewhere else. Too low, too tight, too close... and then, few weeks later in Alaska... :dunno:

4) Hate to say this... but yes, the bloody Raptor! Despite very "American" commentary, despite that jerk in a SUV :wall: that worked hard to spoil the FRIAT takeoff shots on Sunday, despite condensation effects not up to what you can see on the Oceana shots... when going through the photos I couldn't resist that "yep, this one... this one too... oh, this one for sure..." feeling.

5) The Few celebration at RIAT, pretty much inline with the "moment to himself" note in the article (despite the fact that I don't have much personal relationship). Perfectly planned, perfectly executed, perfectly British.

6) Vulcan at RIAT, my first real close & personal with the beast

7) Apaches in the rain at Gilze-Rijen

8) A400M (at RIAT, but could be anywhere, it was more about the aircraft as such)

9) B757 display at RIAT

10) Crazy Danish F-16 pilot at Gilze-Rijen, shooting out his yearly flare allowance in a single demo :rock:
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Re: Top Ten Airshow Moments of 2010

Postby Blue_2 on Thu 20 Jan 2011, 8:39 am

In no particular order:

1) Vulcan display and missed approach at Waddington. 3rd time lucky!
2) Seafire at YAM Wings and Wheels. Lovely machine
3) Team Viper. Roll on next year, 5 Hunters! :biggrin:
4) Typhoon/Spitfire combo
5) Harrier return to the display circuit. Shame it was a last hurrah...
6) Bruntingthorpe. No more need be said!
7) The mad, mad Turkish commentator at Waddington. He truly was :lmao:
8) Last airshow outing of the Nimrod. Sad, but glad I saw it.
9) Reappearance of the Swordfish...
10) XL231... :biggrin:
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