Your pick of 2017

Your pick of 2017

Postby CJS on Thu 21 Dec 2017, 9:31 pm

No doubt the annual UKAR 'best moments of...' will be hitting our waffle box before the year is out, but what has floated our - the nonmod - boats this year (if you'll pardon the rather vehicularly* inaccurate analogy)?

*not a word. Obviously.

What's been your best bit of 2017?

For me, as per usual just the one show, but a pretty darn good one nonehtheless. The highlight's of my RIAT, in no order other than the one I am thinking of them in:

- seeing the B-52 and B-1 up close and personal again;
- the Italian C-27j display :shock: as usual;
- the RAFAT, as per, show the other teams how to do it IMHO, I think we are just too used to them and probably take them way too for granted;
- the Rafale :rock:
- the Belgian Seaking (and I don't even really like bellychoppers)

But my 2 winners are the BBMF with their 4 Spitfires and the Lancaster back again (as with the RAFAT, seriously taken for granted) and the surprise appearance of the B-2 in the flying display.

If I had to pick one, for me I would have to (and almost always would) go for the BBMF - the 4 ship of Spitfires is basically my idea of aviation porn. :love: :drool:

But it was a great show and a great day out as usual. Here's to 2018 (I might even make a trip to OW, since everyone keeps telling me how brilliant it is!).

What about you lot?
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Re: Your pick of 2017

Postby Jumbo on Thu 21 Dec 2017, 10:03 pm

Certainly the 6-ship Hurricane formation at the Duxford september airshow (although the Horsemen were excellent at legends)
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Re: Your pick of 2017

Postby The Baron on Fri 22 Dec 2017, 6:26 am

I agree with CJS, the BBMF did put on a good show at RIAT, and the whole show I found excellent. The only disappointment was the Su-27 display. Having seen it at Malta in 2016 I knew what to expect and was so pleased when it was announced but a combination of low cloud and the non use of flares really showed the difference between what, for me, makes a great display and just a good one.

On that note, with the exception of RIAT, and the sublime Shuttleworth Evening Show in June, all my other top shows were abroad with La Ferté Alais, Sanicole and Sion all being so much better than the UK offerings.
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Re: Your pick of 2017

Postby Berf on Sat 23 Dec 2017, 5:29 am

Only three shows this year Yeovilton, RIAT and Biggin Hill.

Top two were both outstanding:
- Rafale pair Yeovilton
- Czech Hip and Hind Biggin Hill

Best of the rest and not far behind:
Couteau Delta - another great role demo
BBMF - Thompson formation - a whole new look at the BBMF
French Rafale - RIAT - never seen a poor Rafale display
Belgian F16 - for me the best F16 over the past few years and never fails to impress
Italian RSV Tornado
Thunderbirds - what's not to like about close formations with F16s? Prepared to be disappointed by pre show talk - I was not.
B2 flypast

Honourable mentions
Midnight Hawks - a poetic display of the Hawk aircraft again something different
Patrouille de France - you can forget just how good this team is when you don't see it for a while
SU27 variants RIAT - who can argue with the beast but for me it was not at its best at RIAT - still gets a mention as it was great on static as well
USAF flypasts RIAT - some days were better than others but overall it was great to see

Static Highlights
Granby Tornado
Magister RIAT
Alphas Jets RIAT
Greek Phantoms RIAT
Wessex Biggin Hill

Most disappointing
RAF Typhoon

Re: Your pick of 2017

Postby DanH on Sun 24 Dec 2017, 9:34 am

The BBMF Thompson formation display was one of the biggest surprises, not to mention one of the best displays I've seen in many years, let alone 2017. Hats off to them for coming up with something new for this year.

My overall highlight though has to be the moment when I was standing outside my tent on Totterdown campsite waiting for the B2 flypast. I had expected it to fly a bit closer to the crowd, following the display line, but instead it suddenly appeared over the crest of the hill and flew over only a few hundred feet directly above us. I had no time to adjust my camera settings so I just stood and watched in awe, and I'm so glad it happened that way. It was a good reminder that however big a hobby photography may be for me, there are some moments that need to be witnessed by your own eyes instead of through a viewfinder.

Honourable mentions from me go to the Su-27 at RIAT and the Czech Hind at Biggin Hill. :up:
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