All Party Parliamentary Group - GA and heritage

All Party Parliamentary Group - GA and heritage

Postby Berf on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 3:29 pm

This group of MPs actually seems to be trying to do some good for GA - like trying to keep airfields open and not be built on. It has a heritage section which has just raised this issue

Re: All Party Parliamentary Group - GA and heritage

Postby verreli on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 3:44 pm

Lets hope they do some good. Apparently the APPG for GA is the largest APPG in parliament. How much of that is because of jollies to AERO Friedrichshafen and Oshkosh I don't know. I listened to Grant Shapps MP at Aero Expo a few weeks back because he was giving a talk on GA strategy. There wasn't much strategy in his talk but he is a pilot and his enthusiasm for aviation did come across. An eyebrow was raised because he was decidedly un-politically correct to the CAA who were stood at the back of the room.

The other thing to say is that if you're interested in things like the post described by Berf above, tell your MP. MP's aren't special by definition. They are your representative and your chance to effect change, no matter who you voted for or what you're interested in. Grant Shapps, in the talk I refer to above, encouraged everyone in the audience to get their local MP to join the APPG for GA. The more MP's that are on the committee, the more chance there is of having a positive aviation culture in the UK. Your local MP can be contacted by sending them an email. They usually reply, eventually..., by written letter.

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