Wittmund Spotters Day June 5th

Re: Wittmund Spotters Day June 5th

Postby nubrawarriors on Tue 17 Apr 2012, 4:23 pm

Jagdgeschwader 71 „Richthofen“ 26409 Wittmund, 08.02.2012 S1 Innere-Führung und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Isumser Str. 20 a
AllgFspWNBw 25 41 - 2110
Tel (0 44 62) 917 - 2110
Fax (0 44 62) 917 - 2855
Handy 0173 - 8871381

Dear participants of the “Spotter day 2012”,

enclosed we send You some information about the event. We will be awaiting your arrival starting at 13:00 lcl. at the main entrance of Wittmund airbase. There is a parking zone on base.
Please be advised that due to planning and organisation of the event an entrance before 13:00 lcl. will not be permitted.
The airbase is located between the cities of Aurich and Wittmund on the “Bundesstrasse” 210. There will be no flying all day.
We will have most of our active Phantoms on static display. To give you a better opportunity for some outstanding pictures, the Jets will not be fenced in by any means. Therefore you will have to adhere to a minimum distance of one meter!
You will not be allowed to climb on the shelters.
Our personnel are ordered to escort you off the base if any violation of the rules is observed.

Local police will issue and enforce a “no parking” zone around Wittmund Airbase.

The team “Spotter day 2012” wishes you a safe trip and of course the best weather possible.

Re: Wittmund Spotters Day June 5th

Postby RickIngham on Thu 24 May 2012, 10:32 pm

There will be 12 Phantoms on display to photograph out of 23 operational...just incase this influences anyone's decision to go like it has to me...
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