Majorca seaplane show

Majorca seaplane show

Postby f4phixeruk on Fri 05 Apr 2013, 8:49 pm

Not seen this before, and I know lots of people holiday in the North of the Island.

Port of Pollensa to hold second seaplane show
Palma.—Next month, the Port of Pollensa will be hosting its second international seaplane show.
The event as presented by the organisers, the Majorcan Aeronautical Foundation, the Council of Majorca, the Colonel of the Pollensa Air Base, Tourism Advisor Alvaro Middelmann and coordinator Jan Hemmick yesterday.

The President of the Foundation, Miguel Buades, said that the event is an important social, cultural and tourism occasion and this year over a dozen aircraft are going to be taking place in the air show which runs from May 9 to May 12. There will actually be other events either side of the three-day air show which is going to involve aircraft from Spain, Great Britain, France and Italy.

On April 26, the winners of a drawing competition will be announced as well as the opening of an exhibition of model aircraft in Club Pollensa.
Special reception
On April 30, a special film will be screened and on May 7, Colonel Victor Navarro will be giving a lecture about the work of the SAR air sea rescue service in the Balearic Centre for Military history.

Then, on May 9, a special reception will be held for the pilots of the aircraft participating in the air show. On May 10, Dr. Elmar Wilckek, an international authority on seaplanes, will be giving a special conference and on May 11, the aircraft will be open for the public to visit before all of the aircraft take part in an air show over the Bay of Pollensa which will also involve one of the giant yellow Canadair fire fighter planes which are based in the port.

Last year’s inaugural event was a rather low key affair but this year, the organisers have managed to attract more aircraft and arrange a greater number of events in the hope that the annual air show will go from strength to strength.

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Re: Majorca seaplane show

Postby spaceward on Fri 12 Apr 2013, 7:43 pm

I've spent many a happy holiday in the beautiful part of Mallorca that is Port de Pollenca and never ever seen any of those bloody Canadair seaplanes, not taxying, not "floating around ,not even inside the hangar with the doors open. Absolutely diddley squat.Only "siting" has been the Iron Skeleton plane on the roundabout just as you enter the town so that counts as zero !

That time of year the temp should be quite nice, warm , dry, long sunny days with a slow stroll along the Pine Walk for a coffee in the Ill'Ador Hotel.......

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