I'll have a pint of...

Re: I'll have a pint of...

Postby G for George on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 7:41 pm

We sometimes visit a local brewery which has a pub on site. It's called Church End Brewery. Goat's Milk and Vicars Ruin are my two favourite ales, both light and hoppy. Our local quite often has their ales on guest.
Marston Pedigree is my 'go to' if I'm stuck for choice.
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Re: I'll have a pint of...

Postby davidjones533 on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 8:21 pm

Coming to this thread very late, but I'm a big beer fan. My favourite beer is one I've not had before. I just love trying new ales and new tastes, particularly as I travel around the world. I'll take a nice red ale when in the States, or a good Weissbier when in Austria or Germany, or a tasteless yet refreshing lager when in Greece or Italy. We always try to find a brewery pub when travelling! We're also so lucky to live in the UK, with it's almost endless variety of breweries and ales.

Fumbles wrote:Over the past few years I have found my taste buds change.. Lately I'll be drinking slowly because the Ale is a whopping 7.2% is "Arrogant Bastard" from a small company in the U.S. "Arrogant Bastard" can be found in a few places in the UK like "The Fat Cat" pub, Sheffield once and a while. On my yearly trip to the UK usually in my hands you will find a pint of Spitfire or Moonlight.

The Fat Cat is my local, indeed I got married in the old steel mill just round the corner!

parsley wrote:Found an interesting beer from a small Belgian brewery (Brasserie Huyghe Brewery) called "DELIRIUM tremens" which has pink elephants on the label...it's alcohol content is 9% volume !!!!

You should go to the Delrium bar in Brussels - a wonderful place both for the beer and the people watching. We try to go on a pilgrimage to the beer capital of the world every year or so. I can highly recommend the Brussels beer festival for its excellent range of beers, quality setting in the Grand Place, and its civility!
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Re: I'll have a pint of...

Postby AndyXH558 on Fri 08 Dec 2017, 4:12 pm

another vote for delirium tremens, got a couple of bottles to try while i was at llanvisiau. I like the red version the best however.
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Re: I'll have a pint of...

Postby Wissam24 on Fri 08 Dec 2017, 4:51 pm

I vary, it depends how I feel. I've stopped drinking cider so much since moved away from the west country, for me it's either an IPA or ale. I do like a Weiss beer though. I love getting in some microbrews.
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Re: I'll have a pint of...

Postby CJS on Sat 09 Dec 2017, 6:59 am

Now it's vegan, I'll get back to my Guinness again, I have some catching up to do my old friend. :win:
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