My new Panasonic G80

My new Panasonic G80

Postby Mooshie1956 on Mon 31 Jul 2017, 1:13 pm

So I took the plunge yesterday and went out and bought a new G80 with the 12-60 lens. Cost me £800 with £100 cash back and a free extra 2 year warranty.
Anyway I went down to the local park this morning while there was a bit of sun about but it was quite breezy, so shooting small stuff wasn't easy. I wanted to give the 12-60 lens a bit of a road test, and this is one of the common dater dragonflies I managed to capture.
Taken at 60mm on aperture setting, f8 iso200.
Out of the can, edited in LR
First Crop to get a 16x9 photo
Second crop for some facial features again at 16x9
Third Crop, Still at 16x9 but a closer crop on the face.
Finally just a close up on the face at 1x1 and resized to 1200 pixels.

I must say for the stock lens that you get with the camera I'm more than impressed at how far I can crop in and keep the detail. Even overall the quality looks good enough for me. It's going to be interesting when I put the macro lens on, which should be better again. But for £700 what do I expect, I know it's not a top of the range Canon or Nikon with prime glass, and for the price I would say it takes some beating.

As always C&C welcome
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