In and around Perth

In and around Perth

Postby wallace on Sat 06 Oct 2018, 7:45 am

I had some time to kill yesterday while waiting for my darlin's car to be serviced so I went for a walk in the autumn sunshine. It was the kind of day for Velvia, it's not often that I use that simulation but the rich colours on a sunny day can't be beaten.

A short cut through the cemetery and a reminder that Perth played an important role for the Poles during and after WW2 with a lot of them, finding refuge here, training here, marrying here and ultimately setting here. there are some 500 graves in this one section of the cemetery, a good proportion are war graves. Suits a monochrome version.
ImagePolish graves , Perth by Wallace Shackleton, on Flickr

A Cliche image of the Tay and Perth. Trivially, the building beyond the church with the flat roof was the original headquarters of the General Accident Insurance Company, before it morphed into Aviva.
ImageAutumn cliché, Perth by Wallace Shackleton, on Flickr

A friend took me up for a flight in his flexwing, great views of the city, until the battery gave out with the cold.
The church in the first photo is between the middle, the Queens Bridge and the right Perth of Smeaton Bridge
ImagePerth City Center , Perth by Wallace Shackleton, on Flickr

One from last night, a cracking sunset
ImageOchils sunset, Hatchbank Road by Wallace Shackleton, on Flickr
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