Inside night shots.....How?

Inside night shots.....How?

Postby pootle on Tue 14 Feb 2017, 10:21 am


Not an aviation photography related question but I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I'm taking some photos later this week at a reunion event in London. Nice and easy on a rooftop terrace at a hotel. However, once it gets dark the event moves inside to a function room with big floor to ceiling windows. my question is how do I get photos inside of people and still be able to show the great skyline views through the window? I appreciate flash is a no-no due to the reflection as is using either of my two lights. Longer exposures I understand but that introduces movement into shots of people even if they are trying to stand still and makes candid shots really difficult. Anyone have any thoughts, I'm stumped at the moment?
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Re: Inside night shots.....How?

Postby profile_M on Tue 14 Feb 2017, 10:57 am

Use 2nd shutter flash.

You can use a longer exposure to expose for the skyline or ambient light and the flash only fires as the shutter is closing meaning the motion is frozen for you. You would then have to be careful re reflection etc but other than that there isn't much of an answer. Well, other than whacking up the ISO and getting noise.

That's my best suggestion anyway, someone else may have a better one.
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Re: Inside night shots.....How?

Postby Pen Pusher on Tue 14 Feb 2017, 12:18 pm

As flash is a no-no, could always use an on-camera LED light ... t/p1596481

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Re: Inside night shots.....How?

Postby Macc on Wed 15 Feb 2017, 7:16 pm

With an external flashgun, you can bounce the light off the roof giving lighting to your nearby surroundings but maintaining the outdoor lighting providing the scenery.
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