Canon 50D Help

Canon 50D Help

Postby mozzer on Fri 14 Apr 2017, 4:54 pm

Hi all,

Have an odd problem with my old Canon 50D. Just recently it has started not recording JPG images correctly (RAW is fine) and on viewing they are corrupted with odd colours all over them. Now today if I shoot just RAW all seems fine, but when I shoot RAW +JPG, or JPG only, after pressing the shutter, the camera red light on the back stays on, the counter on the top LCD flashes and it will stay this way until I pull the battery out as switching it off makes no difference at all.

Have tried all types of memory cards and lens, but still same error and also updated firmware to 1.0.9.

I'm a bit puzzled so hoping someone here may have seen this before & can offer any help.

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Re: Canon 50D Help

Postby vulcan558 on Fri 14 Apr 2017, 10:35 pm

Not ever seen any of those symptoms, only other thing you could try with the 50D a few years old now.
Would suggest changeing the Button cell battery, long shot but worth a try.

Re: Canon 50D Help

Postby GeorgeP on Sat 15 Apr 2017, 6:24 am

If all your CF cards are showing a similar fault but correctly recording RAW, it is unlikely to be a card problem. Have you tried formatting the cards and trying again, in case it is a faulty card?

My guess is a problem with DIGIC software that converts the RAW file to a JPEG. I have a 40D and a 6D but have never experienced this problem. Sorry, but that's all I can offer to assist. I hope that you quickly find a solution. Good luck.
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Re: Canon 50D Help

Postby speedbird2639 on Sat 15 Apr 2017, 8:01 am

Not had the problem myself but as other have said just work through all the possibilities starting with the simplest:

- try replacing the button battery - they are only abt £2 for 5 off ebay even for the branded ones
- try formatting your memory cards - try a substitute card which hasn't been used in that camera before
- check the main battery is full charged - try a substitute battery - a battery with a cell down may still work but will have a lower voltage and may cause the camera to behave strangely
- go on the Canon site and try downloading and installing any firmware updates - they may not have had one for your particular problem but installing the latest software may overwrite a problematic piece of software
- try returning the camera to factory settings -
- and lastly if it still works in RAW could you not shoot and post process in RAW and then just use your computer to convert any frames you require in jpeg?
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Re: Canon 50D Help

Postby mozzer on Mon 17 Apr 2017, 4:29 pm

Thanks all for the help & suggestions, will look into this & hope I can it it working.
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