Sigma 150-600 Issue

Sigma 150-600 Issue

Postby rob68 on Sat 05 Aug 2017, 6:01 pm

Last Sunday at the BTCC at Snetterton I noticed that my shots using the Sigma 150-600 / D7200 were becoming more out of focus as the day went on. Other things then became apparent, eg the shutter would not release and trees at a distance could not be focused on. I also noticed that at the end of the lens the part the filter screws into (Bezel?) was moving when screwing in the filter.

Jessop's (where i purchased the lens) on Monday advised me to contact Sigma direct as they were unsure why the lens was not focusing.

I called Sigma, described the above and was asked "is it a physical or optical issue?", "optical" I replied. "Has the end of the lens come loose?", "yes" I replied. I was then told without hesitation to send it straight back via Jessop's even though the lens was over a year old and any purchase through Jessop's of that lens automatically has a 3 year guarantee.

It came back Friday! The notes state that the lens has been put back together and realigned as it had become undone! (No charge applied).

Ill add comment next week after Old Warden Sunday to let you know if its fixed

Re: Sigma 150-600 Issue

Postby rob68 on Thu 10 Aug 2017, 9:15 pm

OW probably not best place to test as do not need this size but all seems good. I am not putting the filter back on either as that also made a difference

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