Biggin Hill, Shuttleworth, F-35 Debate + more

Biggin Hill, Shuttleworth, F-35 Debate + more

Postby LN Strike Eagle on Tue 08 Jul 2014, 8:39 pm

  • "Biggin Calling" - Scott Perry travelled to 'the bump' to sample the first airshow held at the famous Battle of Britain station since the Air Fair was cancelled.

    Image Image Image Image Image

  • "Ooh La LAA" - Much like the grey skies, Tom Lantaff descended on Old Warden for the LAA Party in the Park.

    Image Image Image Image Image

  • The first Talking Point article is now online, and the inaugural subject is most topical of current military aviation debates - Is The F-35 Right For Britain?


  • The RIAT Arrivals Twitter page is online again for the 2014 arrivals, starting tomorrow morning.

  • Pictures of the Week is back with a double header, closing out June's page and the first selection for July.

    Week 25, June 2014:

    Image Image Image

    Week 26, July 2014:

    Image Image Image
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