WIN RIAT Tickets worth £92 by helping the UKAR Pink Wafers!

WIN RIAT Tickets worth £92 by helping the UKAR Pink Wafers!

Postby UK Airshow Review on Fri 05 Jun 2015, 6:29 pm


WIN RIAT Tickets worth £92 by helping the UKAR Pink Wafers!

Early in 2015, an airshow web site sent its crack commando team to Fairford with one mission, identify Moley at all costs. That team were called the Pink Wafers!

Their mission ended in failure, discovering a Badger and Lobster hiding in the grounds but sadly no Mole. The Pink Wafers however bought back valuable intelligence after discovering an abandoned hole which contained a single Mole sized desk. We at least now know his MO(le).

Hidden in the desk was an old draft clue to a participant from a RIAT of recent past, a clue that has the Pink Wafers quite literally stumped. We urgently need help to decipher this clue to aid in our quest to identify the Fairford Mole!

Can you decipher the clue?

If you can, send the aircraft type, the year it attended, how you solved the clue and your contact details to the Wafers, using the form on the website page (CLICK ME), by midnight on Friday 26th June 2015.

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a pair of Sunday Adult Tickets to RIAT 2015 worth £92!

Tickets have been kindly donated by the RAFCTE.

Get your Enigma machines at the ready ladies and gentlemen, the Pink Wafers need YOU...

You don’t need your fingers to figure out this clue but the answer will certainly fit you like a glove. Take a hit single by a famous LA vocal group that are also a handy place to put your beverage from the year the King became a G.I. and it will make things clearer. Certainly clearer than the view you’d get from the tallest possible tree.

Think you’ve cracked this little clue? Then link fast food royalty with the first flight of an invisible fighter and you'll be feeling like a diamond geezer when you figure out this golden year, but please don't talk back to us when you’re the one wearing rose tinted spectacles.



P.S. Please feel free to use the thread in the RIAT area of the forums to discuss the clue!
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