RAF Lakenheath F-22 Raptor Deployment

RAF Lakenheath F-22 Raptor Deployment

Postby UK Airshow Review on Tue 10 May 2016, 7:14 pm

  • "Bad to the Bone" - Andy Evans spent a good deal of time at RAF Lakenheath over the past month with the men and women of the 95th Fighter Squadron and their F-22A Raptors. He reports on what the US and the UK wanted to achieve from the deployment.

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  • There was a Pictures of the Week update that we never plugged too.

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  • A reminder also that there are only 10 days left to enter the UK Airshow Review 20th Anniversary Competition...


UK Airshow Review 20th Anniversary Competition

Ahhh, the 90s... The decade that brought you Dolly the sheep, the Macarena and Saved by the Bell has a lot to answer for. Remarkably, it was also the decade that gave birth to Paul Osborne's UK Airshow Review, and for that he must never be forgiven. Even more remarkable though is the fact that two decades on from Gareth Southgate's missed penalty, the Spice Girls first single and the release of Independence Day, we're still going strong!

In airshow terms, that time spans the golden age of the post-Cold War thaw that brought rarities like Tu-95 Bears and Tu-22M Backfires to these shores, long-gone airshow favourites like the Grasshoppers and Bf-109 'Black 6' and of course, the rise and fall of UKAR's favourite running joke, the German MiG-29...


For us to celebrate two wonderful decades in our history, we sent out a call several weeks ago to our friends, sponsors, affiliates, and the all-round great bunch of people that make up the UK's vibrant and diverse airshow industry; and the response we've had has been staggering. This rather excellent (we think) celebration would not have been possible without their unwavering generosity and support.

Before being let loose like a child in a toy shop, please note some of the specific requirements and restrictions associated with some of these prizes, marked by an asterisk. Equally important before you submit an entry to the competition is that you read and understand the terms and conditions of this competition found at the bottom of this page. You need to be a registered UKAR forum member too.

Head on over to the competition page to see exactly what we've got lined up for you and how you can get your hands on it, but please take the time to read the page before you enter!

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