Anigrand 1/72 Republic XF-12 Rainbow

Anigrand 1/72 Republic XF-12 Rainbow

Postby DerekF on Sun 01 Apr 2018, 7:54 pm

This was one of the most expensive kits I ever bought when I got it about 10 years ago. This my attempt at the Anigrand XF-12/XR-12 Rainbow, one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built and the epitome of piston-engined aircraft design. Flown in 1946, the XF-12 was capable of 400mph at 40000ft. Only two were flown before the project was cancelled.
The Anigrand kit is in resin and quite heavy - the landing gear has wire inserts for extra strength. Construction was actually pretty straight forward and the fit was pretty decent. The only real problem was the vacform cockpit parts. New ones are on order from Angrand....
An astonishing amount of weight was needed in the nose, even in the engine nacelles. I ended up by putting more weight in the nosegear bay as well.
Finished in Vallejo silver and aluminium and the rather sparse markings of the first Rainbow prototype.

Image20180401_192851_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Image20180401_192837_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Image20180401_192827_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Image20180401_192803_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr

Image20180401_192758_edit by dereknferguson, on Flickr
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Re: Anigrand 1/72 Republic XF-12 Rainbow

Postby FarnboroJohn on Mon 02 Apr 2018, 9:14 am

Interesting, I never heard of this one before. Has rather a Martin Marauder vibe to it. Nice job!

de Havilland Albatross knocks spots off it for looks, of course... :wink:


Re: Anigrand 1/72 Republic XF-12 Rainbow

Postby Spiny Norman on Tue 10 Apr 2018, 7:59 pm

That's a corker of a machine and nicely done. They could really come up with some great designs back then.
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Spiny Norman

Re: Anigrand 1/72 Republic XF-12 Rainbow

Postby capercaillie on Tue 17 Apr 2018, 9:30 am

Very nice :clap: , it was indeed a great looking aircraft, sadly the evolution of the jet engine meant it never stood much of a chance to develop at its point of creation.

Shame so many aircraft were used as targets once their useful life had been taken up back in those days. :sad:
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