Advice on resin please

Advice on resin please

Postby RRconway on Sat 18 Feb 2017, 5:56 pm

Hello UKAR modellers,

There are often dioramas on here that have water made from resin so:

Not aviation related, but school project related, because as most parents know there is definitely one upmanship in school projects models :lol:

My 8 yo sons project this year is volcanoes.
We have a paper mache volcanoes which I want to light from inside and have a pool of lava at the top, and streams of lava running down the channels on the side.

My, sorry our, idea is to mix clear resin with red food colouring and pour that down the channels on the outside, over slits I will cut in the surface to allow the light inside to shine through the red resin.

I have been online and am quite frankly confused with all the choice.
The sides of the volcano are quite steep, certainly more than 45 degrees so will probably have to pour a side at a time so that it is horizontalish and doesn't just flow off the bottom.

Does this sound do-able or is there a low viscosity fast drying type of resin I could use?
It needs to stay translucent to allow the light through as well.

All advice gratefully received,

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Re: Advice on resin please

Postby Timc on Sat 18 Feb 2017, 6:09 pm

Played about with resin many years ago and found it quite messy, although that could have just been me!

As a cheap alternative you could try melting down orange/red candle wax in an old pan under a low heat then experimenting with that, should be reasonably translucent in thin làyers I would have thought? :smile:

Re: Advice on resin please

Postby FarnboroJohn on Sun 19 Feb 2017, 8:57 am

The eventual position and slope on the volcano doesn't matter: pour one side at a time having tilted the diorama to lessen the slope to what you can manage. Practice on scrap first.


Re: Advice on resin please

Postby iainpeden on Sun 19 Feb 2017, 10:04 pm

Use baking powder, vinegar and food colouring and you will get a chemical reaction which will produce "lava" running down the model.
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