1/72 Airfix Swift FR5

1/72 Airfix Swift FR5

Postby ArabJazzie on Sat 30 Dec 2017, 5:45 pm

Hello all,
Slowly getting back into the swing of things while i chip away at the ones that should have been finished last year!

With no kits started this year, all i had was a number of kits that just required some decals, some bits painted then added to finish em off. The second one off the shelf is Airfix 1/72 Swift FR5 finished as WK281/S of 79 sqn based at Gutersloh during 1956. Only 2 pics as still not happy taking pics with the old camera.

ImageSwiftWK281S2 by Geoff Duke, on Flickr

ImageSwiftWK281S by Geoff Duke, on Flickr

Might even manage to finish another Spitfire before the year finally ends.
52 in a year! We must be certifiable!

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