Shuttleworth capacity and booking

Shuttleworth capacity and booking

Postby Thoughtful_Flyer on Thu 02 Jun 2016, 10:02 am

I have just received a letter sent to SVAS members by the Shuttleworth Trustees regarding booking airshow tickets.

Although it says it is not their policy to become advance ticket only (like Duxford) it stresses that no tickets will be reserved for members at the gate if the "strict" maximum capacity is reached.

Does anybody know what the capacity is?

Obviously the recent show was sold out but I got the impression there were less people there than at the final Vulcan appearance last year.

Very sadly the letter goes on to say that some SVAS members who couldn't get in last month became abusive to staff and volunteers! Words fail me!

Re: Shuttleworth capacity and booking

Postby WG655 on Thu 02 Jun 2016, 10:27 pm

Concur with you that the sellout crows did seem smaller in May than in October - the new crowdline did seem to take up a fair chunk of previously-used space so suspect there has been some reduction in terms of cars/spectators allowed on site. It may also explain the real apparent push this year to sculpt fantastic lineups - getting the show sold out/close to selling out every time may recoup most, if not all, the losses if there are indeed any. Would suspect the capacity is probably in line with East Kirkby/Little Gransden, if a little bigger?

Very disappointing to hear about abusive members - I dare say the issue of many is grumpiness that THEIR collection and airshows are changing in terms of feel (more families and greater numbers of attendees), despite the obvious and welcome financial advantages to the Collection of this.
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