Photos that make you smile

Photos that make you smile

Postby Wissam24 on Thu 22 Oct 2015, 5:24 pm

Something a little different for this one. Let's see the photos that make you really smile when you look at them. Whether it's because you're really happy with the way it's taken, it was a special or memorable occasion or you just really like what's in the picture, what raises a smile for you, and why?

Dawlish Air Show 2014: After a truly beautiful day with some outstanding flying and good company, this impromptu afternoon-sun-soaked photoshoot with the Whirlwind in an almost empty field was the icing on a perfect cake.

ImageDawlish Air Show 46 by Sam Wise, on Flickr

Shuttleworth Evening Show 2015: My second show of the day following the Duxford VE Day show, and my first taste of Shuttleworth. With some lovely light at the end of the day, the atmosphere in the venue was such a stark contrast to the IWM airfield's and managing to catch the Edwardians as well was just superb.

ImageShuttleworth Classic Evening Show 2015 33 by Sam Wise, on Flickr

Waddington Avro Sisters Day: Does it even need a caption?

ImageAVRODAY 3 Sisters 24 by Sam Wise, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Danny on Thu 22 Oct 2015, 7:47 pm

One from RIAT 2013, memories of a beautiful summer's day! :smile:

ImageIMGP4166_Resized by Daniel Clarke, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby hmeasures on Thu 22 Oct 2015, 8:42 pm

Great idea for a thread. Here's a couple, I've plenty more that hold something more than a nice photo feeling.

More luck than judgement that I caught this (& probably should have been elsewhere at the time)

ImageP-40F by Harry Measures, on Flickr

This I just love the light, was a really superb day/evening waiting for the Dx based aircraft to return from Shoreham last year

ImageCorsair by Harry Measures, on Flickr

Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby PeterR on Thu 22 Oct 2015, 11:40 pm

Two from me to get the ball rolling...

Thinking "Wow, I helped organise this..." as ZA148 taxied through the water cannon salute at Newquay, the noise of the Conway engines deafening me and also getting a refreshing mist of water too. I had planned and executed the arrival of the VC10 into the Classic Air Force collection as part of my role as Flight Operations Officer for the museum at Newquay and getting this shot certainly made me smile.
ImageWELCOMING WATER. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Second one, and the thoughts running through my head where a lot more explicit and excitable! This Typhoon FGR4 was the first aircraft to formate with our aircraft (FAGIN31) which was my first tanker flight. The excitement of seeing our 'chicks' arrive on station for fuel make the images captured on the flight very special.
Image'In Omnibus Princeps' by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Airwolfhound on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 4:59 pm

For me it has to be this one. My first time at an airshow abroad, and to witness such a superb formation :-

ImageHeritage Flight - Chino Airshow 2014 by Tim Felce, on Flickr

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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Domvickery on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 5:05 pm

Happy emo helicopter

Not particularly a great picture but I just chuckle at the smiley face
ImageCosford 2015 355 by justdom1, on Flickr

Took this before I got stuck in & dirty hands helping to change a fuel pump on an engine prior to a full 4 engined ground run, watching & thinking I helped do that, cant wait to get back down to Coventry
ImageAvro Shackleton WR963 087 by justdom1, on Flickr

Again not sure why, just one of my favourite pictures of the reds
ImageDuxford spring 220 by justdom1, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby dazzagreenwood on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 9:11 pm

Only a couple from me. Of when I got to sit in a Lanc and realize a childhood dream after hearing my Grandfather wax lyrical about Lancs as he crewed em in WW2 and Post-War. And seeing as I have Canadian heritage it was even better to sit in a Canadian Lanc at RAF Scampton this May.


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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Southendnick on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 1:06 pm

Hardly ever post photos as they come nowhere near the quality on here but seeing as it will probably never happen again in my lifetime.


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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Maisie on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 2:47 pm

Most of mine are An-12's, as I love this aircraft...

This first one, it was pitch black except some dim orange flood lights, so I had no idea how it would turn out. High ISO was needed along with a really slow speed, + the wind etc being on top of a car park, I was uncertain... but it came out lovely.

ImageUR-CKM An-12BP - Birmingham Airport by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr

Again, high ISO (20,000), pitch black, cold and windy.. but thankfully a break in the clouds to the east meant a nice shot... came away very happy with this!

ImageCavok Air An-12 UR-CKL East Midlands by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr

Getting that classic nose dive from a An-12 is always pleasing, but also I had just arrived at Birmingham from Moths at Woburn and didn't know a An-12 was coming in until I got out the car and saw it on approach... slight panic getting the camera out but I suceeded.

ImageAn-12 nose dive.. UR-DWF by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr

Shooting a IL-76 at night, what could possibly be better in the UK?

ImageRA-76842 IL-76TD by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr

Lastly, I planned this photo... almost everyone at the night had moved away onto the next subject... I waited and chanced it, to see I had got frozen props and blur I was over the moon.

ImageXV295 C-130, RAF Northolt Nightshoot by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Tuckat on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 9:20 pm

A couple from me taken at the local, VL. The first one from 1994 is self explanatory..............

Imageimg339 by Phil Roberts, on Flickr

The second one is scanned from the negative and guaranteed unadulterated. Taken in the field opposite the tower Air Day 1998. I can look at this and still hear it :smile:

Imageimg641 by Phil Roberts, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby rob68 on Thu 29 Oct 2015, 11:15 pm

Wissaman. Must have been next to you for the Whirlwind, wasn't many of us there. Got some grief from the Mrs who was sat in the smugglers waiting to order food and couldn't as was waiting for this to go. I've just cancelled the B&B for 2016 and spoke to the owner, the locals do not seem very happy that there is no show and can't understand why support from the local council would be given to Torbay and not support the exsisting Dawlish show..... Stopping the thread drift, that take off still makes me smile

Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby AndyXH558 on Sun 08 Nov 2015, 8:43 pm

Here is a couple from me.

This one is of XL231 on the 20th anniversary of her landing at Elvington. Big thanks to Andre and the Lindy team, especially Ian who I owe so much to for allowing me to do this sort of thing.

Imagevictor 1 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

The best Northolt for me as I've got a very soft spot for the mighty hercules. seeing it running her engines was amazing
ImageHerky 296 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

ImageXW544 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

This one, perhaps not the original shot, but this version of it which made it into a double spread in Flypast magazine.
ImageA storm brewing by andrew abbott, on Flickr

Well she is wearing a flight suit
ImageSuzi Perry and the Chaterham by andrew abbott, on Flickr

he made me very happy.. my dad doing his best for the environment.
ImageIMG_0971 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

well you were all not expecting me to not put a vulcan pic. This one specifically was taken at Bruntingthorpe before one of the thunder days.

Imagevulcan558-number-1 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

victor nightshoot. i love this picture.
ImageIMG_9854 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

I noticed a couple of Whirlwind pics. well this is the last pic i took at Waddington airshow last year.
ImageIMG_0211 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

Warning low flying signs. this pic was taken on my birthday after a very long day at West london Studios filming a tv show called Knife man.. I decided not to go home but instead got digs in Fairford instead knowing that the B2s and B52s were in
ImageIMG_8588_1 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

Day on the plain. such a great day with chinooks a gazelle and a few lynxs
Image557 by andrew abbott, on Flickr

Someone said to me a few months ago that nightshoots were maybe not for me.. well...
Imagevulcan night shot by andrew abbott, on Flickr

Vulcan at Southport
Image558 climb by andrew abbott, on Flickr
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby Tommy on Sat 28 Nov 2015, 3:01 pm

Quite a cool idea for a thread. Quite difficult, as I pretty much smile whenever I'm out and about at a show or a base.

Couple from me just from this year:

1. I'm not normally one for aviation selfies, but Sam convinced me for this one (and I'm glad) - my ugly mug in front of the super-rare Il-76MDK of Roscosmos - basically Russia's answer to NASA's infamous vomit comet!

ImageRosvomit Comet by Tom Jones, on Flickr

2. Cosby is a brilliant place, and always seems to pull something out of the bag. This year it was THE place to see the Seafire and Blenheim, two of the most exciting warbirds on the circuit at the moment, both displayed wonderfully.

Cosby was exactly a week after I went to MAKS, and I enjoyed seeing the Seafire in perfect weather as much as I enjoyed seeing the Su-34 seven days before.

ImageNew Kid by Tom Jones, on Flickr

3. RIAT, for me, was really top this year. For the first time I had the money and time to do the whole FRIAT shabang, and I look at this shot and just remember being sat at P&V west with some good like-minded company, great aircraft, and loving the fact that I didn't have to worry about work for a whole week. Plus, I love me an Mi-14! :love:

ImageFloaterblades by Tom Jones, on Flickr

4. Old Warden Season Premier was pretty decent, and John Romain flew Duxford's one-faux-nine in as blistering a warbird display as I have ever seen. Really scintillating stuff - and I was grinning ear-to-ear during the whole segment. That man has got to be one of the UK's best warbird display pilots!

ImageMarch of the Romains by Tom Jones, on Flickr

5. Returning to MAKS, I remember watching videos on youtube and reading magazines about Russian aircraft, and never thinking that I would actually get to see them up close, so to see the Su-34, absolutely one of THE sexiest aircraft in active service with any air arm anywhere at the moment, was incredible. It was an awesome display, and it's probably been one of my all-time aviation highlights so far. :love: :love:

ImageCensoard by Tom Jones, on Flickr

6. Finally, going to the start of 2015, instead of being a responsible adult following graduation/training, I decided to spend my first proper wage packet on an aviation tour to TLP to Albacete back in January, the week before the ill-fated Hellenic F-16 crash at the same base. I know I post it a lot, but I just cannot believe my luck in seeing a Tigre being delivered fresh to the Spanish Army. :yahoo:

ImageRoom for Two by Tom Jones, on Flickr

Apologies for the long post! :cuppa:
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Re: Photos that make you smile

Postby sylvancatharsis on Sat 28 Nov 2015, 8:46 pm

Gonna have to go with this'un. Capping off a fine weekend in Hamilton, Ontario that included the night show with the Mossie and friends, a ride in a DC-3, and some really good (if a tad expensive) lasagna last Spring.

Mighty Lancaster by Auguries Imagery, on Flickr
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