Wings over Houston questions

Wings over Houston questions

Postby patrouille2001 on Wed 13 Jan 2010, 7:16 pm

Hi Everybody
Just wondering if anybody has visited the Wings over Houston air show as I am thinking of going this year. How far is Ellington Field from Houston, Looking at photos from last year, it seems to be the airshow for me this year.


Re: Wings over Houston questions

Postby McG on Wed 13 Jan 2010, 7:53 pm

I was there in 2008.
Dependant on traffic it can be anything from 30 mins to 45 mins from downtown Houston to Ellington Field. Houston is a great place to visit for aviation.

Re: Wings over Houston questions

Postby PeteFenwick on Fri 15 Jan 2010, 10:06 am

Hi Paul,
I went over specifically to see the WOH last year (I posted some pics on UKAR) and stayed on for Randall the following weekend. I have been lucky enough to get to a dozen or so USA airshows in recent years and WOH was (for me) the best. Even accepting that the weather was outstanding the variety and mix of flying aircraft with a range of historic flying scenarios and heritage flights, together with a good static made for a brilliant airshow. Check out Air Show Buzz for further feedback.
Easy to get to the airshow and sort out some accomodation to the south of Houston Hobby.
I would encourage you to get the Sunrise Photo Tour (very early access with no queues and dedicated parking and 2 hours around the static before the public are allowed in) and the dedicated Photo Pit loads of space and great for pics-otherwise the usual fairly crowded airshow. I paid and printed off the tickets easily from here. Bearing in mind the flight and accomodation costs what you get for your money on the Sunrise/photo Pit are well worth it.
Enjoy and any other queries please e-mail me.

Pete F
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Re: Wings over Houston questions

Postby patrouille2001 on Fri 15 Jan 2010, 3:28 pm

Hi Pete
Many thanks for the reply, after looking on airshow buzz and the photos on this forum, made me choose to attend this airshow. I attend 1 airshow in the states a year and last year it was Miramar, which was excellent. In previous years, these have included Nellis and Pensacola.

I am looking on Expedia and there is accomodation around 10 miles fropm Ellington field, also like yourself I fancy trying the early access for sunrise shots.

Once again Many Thanks
Paul :smile:

Re: Wings over Houston questions

Postby McG on Fri 15 Jan 2010, 6:12 pm


how long are you planning on going to the US for?
If you can eek out a 10 day trip, then you could do WOH on the weekend of the 23/24th OCT, and the Fort Worth Alliance Show in Dallas on the weekend of the 30th/31st. This would allow you to get the TBirds at Houston and the BA at Dallas a week later.

Also do you only shoot Military, or do you go for civvie stuff as well. IAH has some of the most spotter / photographer friendly policies in place of any airport in the US.

C-17 Demo at WOH 2008 ... 1453907/L/

Lufthansa taxiing to the gate at IAH taken from the Terminal D parking lot. ... 1625935/L/

Continental at night taken from the Terminal C parking lot. ... 1625939/L/

Also check out for more comprehensive info.

Re: Wings over Houston questions

Postby patrouille2001 on Fri 15 Jan 2010, 6:22 pm

Hi Pete
The finnances only allow to fly out on the Wednesday before the show and flying back to the uk on the Tuesday after. I mostly film Military, but like Civil as well. I would like to visit the johnson space center as well look round Houston for the day.

I am open to other ideas. Was thinking of Nellis this year, but the show has become, the same aircraft every year and Houston has much more Photograthic opportunitys by the look of it.

I would Recomend Miramar, as well as San Diego, with carrier, midway and aerospace museum, plus it was my first time at seeing the Snowbirds.

Paul :smile:

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