Classic Fighters 2009

Classic Fighters 2009

Postby Kiwidave on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 10:03 pm

The big Easter show this year in New Zealand was Classic Fighters 2009 which is held at Omaka, This year theme was Itlay was in my opinion was dissapointing as there were no aircraft that came from Itlay only a Nueiport 11 in Italian markings.
But in saying that there were a number of firsts at this show like a original Avro 504K which was flown by the whos who of early New Zealand Avaition and a FE2 which was original and the only one flying of 5 left in the world with its original engine in place.
Due to issues with other aircraft the Sopwith triplane, 3 Se5a's, P-40N1, Yak-3 were not there however the Sopwith Pup was there on static display.
de Havilland were the one company that had a number of aicraft on the field ranging from the Tigermoth up to the Dash 8.
The RAAF sent its Caribou for the last time as these aircraft are due to be retired at the end of this year this aircraft put on an excellent display, hopefully the RAAF will contiue to surport Classic Fighters in the future.
The RNZAF sent Kiwi Blue, UH-1s, Sioux, Harvard and Red Checkers for tyhe UH-1s and Siouxs this will be the last time they appear at Classic Fighters before they are retried.
Making its public debut at te show as PV270 a MK9 Spitfire painted up in Al Deere markings and it is owned By Brendon Deere Al's Nephew Kieth Skilling put on a excellent display in this aircraft on the friday evening the high off the ground was a reminder of the late great Ray Hanna.
Graham Bethell put on his usual great display in his P-51D and even got down lower than usual and closer to the fence, Kieth Skilling as always put the Corsair close to the fece and low to the ground showing of his Skill at flying that aircraft, Stu Goldspink also put the P-40E close to the fence.
The grand finalle was a attack of Cassino which involve several aircraft attacking the Monastery which was defend from a "near by" airfield by a 88mm gun.

All in all this years show was good bt not as good as the show in 2007

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