Shuttleworths shortened heritage day

Shuttleworths shortened heritage day

Postby I.Winfield on Mon 04 Sep 2017, 1:22 pm

Hi all,

Popped along to the Shuttleworths 'Heritage day' airshow yesterday. What a cold day it was, compared to the preceding days! Unfortunately the wind put paid to the full length programme been flown (sensibly!), but in true Shuttleworth style they still put on a display! Will have to hope the Camel gets out at Race Day next month. During the display the Gladiator came back in with an emergency, I'm not sure what the issue was though, wonder if we will see her with her TFC sister at Duxfords september show?

Thought Id share a few pictures of the day, not that it was a particularly great day for photography.


Image_DSC3891-9 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3850-4 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3809-1 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3492-19 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr

I thought Peter Teichmans display was far too high and aerobatic considering the weather conditions, at times feeling very unengaging and detached, however, THAT last low pass was something special!


Image_DSC3299-11 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3303-14 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3177-7 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr


Image_DSC3149-5 by Ian Winfield, on Flickr

Thanks for looking, comments are, as ever, more than welcome. Heres hoping theres better weather next month!


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