!0 makes 9

!0 makes 9

Postby stevejb on Mon 11 Sep 2017, 7:53 pm

That'll be Scampton on Saturday then.

As is now known, Red 10 spent his last UK display weekend standing in for Red 5 who was on paternity leave, so that a full formation of nine jets was available for the flypasts on both days and also for Sunday's Great North Run. Unfortunately he couldn't do the same for the main display, Saturday's display probably being the lowest number of aircraft they have done a display with. Overall the conditions were quite changeable, but here are three that stood out from a first scan through the shots taken.

The Sentinel/RAFAT flypast, below, was good to see. Watching a video later it was interesting to see how much they went in and out of the sun during the one pass. This one caught the sun luckily.


The AWACS that followed was also welcome, with the pilot giving a nice partial topside wing drop making a change from the usual approach shots.


The Excel Aviation Boeing 727 was another less then usual item, even if we didn't really need any more water!!


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