Video report and highlights...

Re: Video report and highlights...

Postby StevenH on Tue 16 Jun 2009, 12:25 am

Given that it was a fairly standard UK airshow line-up (bar the Vulcan of course) it's quite amazing just how busy this event was.

Re: Video report and highlights...

Postby Abingdonman on Tue 16 Jun 2009, 8:22 am

For me the reason for the big crowds were 100% RAF Cosford you had the combination of the first time to see a well publicised cold war bomber display this year,plus the usual Red Arrows,The BBMF,and a full flying programme,lets face it we are not excatly overspoilt with decent inland airshows nowadays....and what really swung it over the limit was the great weather forecast,had I been closer,I would have been tempted :wink:
problem is when you have the traffic chaos like that,it will make a lot think twice the next year,and they will probably never have the same numbers again,probably a one off...

As some of us know on these boards Abingdon 90 was complete traffic chaos,apparantly they expected 50,000 instead of the usual 40,000 or so....but it was a whole bunch more than that!
Hey! was the 50th BoB anniversary,with a 168 RAF aircraft flypast,a terrific 8 hr flying display and good weather,and it was on September 15th...
I would have been surprised had they NOT had a massive crowd! :grin:

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