Dan's Day Down at Duxford (1st July)

Dan's Day Down at Duxford (1st July)

Postby Ledhead27 on Mon 03 Jul 2017, 11:19 pm

As seen in another post, both myself and Sam made our way to Duxford in the hope of seeing a few warbird movements, with a handful of airshows over the weekend and preparations in anticipation for Flying Legends the following weekend allowing for a high probability. It had been quite some time since I'd done a flight on my own to another airfield, the last time being around Christmas, so Duxford seemed to be the ideal location for an excuse to blow the cobwebs off the charts! It was also the first time I'd flown the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, so added an extra element to the day by getting to grips with this 1970 example.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was taxiing out from Duxford, with Sam sat beside me for a quick 20 minute flight towards the North, with both a TF-51D Mustang ahead and a Spitfire TR.9 behind. Hearing a Spitfire requesting me to shuffle out of the way so that he could depart with his passenger on time is arguably the most bizarre radio transmission I've heard. Anyway, on with the photos:

Sat out on the ARCo apron in the pleasant sunshine was the British Antarctic Survey DHC-6 Twin Otter.

ImageDSC_0402 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Off for a couple of air tests was Spitfire I.a, N3200, with the second sortie seeing the aircraft perform a marvellous topside upon its return.

ImageDSC_0407 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

ImageDSC_0412 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

ImageDSC_0430 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

A polar opposite to N3200 was the Anglia Aircraft Restoration's Griffon-engined FR.XIV, with the aircraft going for a very short taxi across the eastern part of the airfield before returning to its parking spot.

ImageDSC_0434 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

ImageDSC_0447 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Classic Wings were kept busy all day, with the Tiger Moths, Harvard and Dragon Rapides all flying constantly. Most spirited landing went to TX310!

ImageDSC_0435 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

One of several visiting aircraft was Chipmunk T.10, WG407/G-BWMX.

ImageDSC_0439 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

GA was aplenty throughout the day, much to the delight of myself (yes it's questionable why I like GA so much)

ImageDSC_0449 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Loitering in the Battle of Britain hangar was Aero Legend's Spitfire HF.IXe, TD314, the aircraft taking a respite from its "Fly Alongside a Spitfire" duties.

ImageDSC_0458 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Also in the Battle of Britain hangar was the based Nord 1002 Pingouin II/Bf108 Taifun.

ImageDSC_0461 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Arguably the King of all Spitfires, MH434, was sat looking pristine alongside its OFMC counterpart; Ferocious Frankie.

ImageDSC_0471 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

The other visiting type, travelling from Felthorpe in Norfolk, was this DH.82A Tiger Moth in a distinctive civilian scheme.

ImageDSC_0474 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Following its previously mentioned short taxi, MV268/G-SPIT was sat alongside Sally B for the rest of the afternoon.

ImageDSC_0475 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr

Prior to her display at the Shuttleworth Military Pageant the following day, TF-51D Mustang "Miss Velma" was tugged outside for an air test.

ImageDSC_0477 by ledwooddaniel, on Flickr
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Re: Dan's Day Down at Duxford (1st July)

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Do like that image, keep telling you to come in to Wellesborne and I'd buy you breakfast!
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