Share your Farnborough memories on our podcast!

Re: Share your Farnborough memories on our podcast!

Postby Trevsy on Fri 01 Jun 2012, 9:55 am

Not to mention arguably the greatest (certainly in size) of all time, the mighty AN-225!
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Re: Share your Farnborough memories on our podcast!

Postby Harlequin67 on Fri 01 Jun 2012, 11:26 am

My personal Farnborough moment was in 1988.

The 2 Mig-29's. This was there second western airshow after a previous visit to Finland, in 86 or 87(?).

Only a short time before this event the thought of Russian Air Force aircraft in England was unthinkable. The idea a Russian combat aircraft was in this country astounded me.

The arrival of these aircraft was big news with TV news coverage and newspaper articles covering the event.

The day I went to the airshow and saw these aircraft I knew this was an historical moment, the cold war had indeed thawed beyond what I ever could have expected. The static aircraft I saw was mobbed with people, my shots are only of the top of peoples heads and the upper side surfaces, not the best ever shot, but what it represents in the change of attitude to Russia, the chance of peace, the reduced nuclear threat are probably unimagineable to younger forum members. That was not lost on me when I saw the Red Star roundel on those aircraft.

There are truly few moments in history when a combat aircraft of a foreign power can herald a major shift towards peace and friendship from a stance of impending war, this was that moment.
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Re: Share your Farnborough memories on our podcast!

Postby APG on Fri 01 Jun 2012, 2:37 pm

Ahh 1988 when the 29's arrived in formation with a pair of Tornado's and departed in formation with a Sea Harrier, those were the days! Anatoly was such a legend even back then...

Re: Share your Farnborough memories on our podcast!

Postby AMB on Sun 10 Jun 2012, 8:52 pm

DanO1978 wrote:UKAR's Display Frequency #3 will contain a major preview of the Farnborough airshow, reflecting the show's great history.

I'm on the lookout for seasoned UKARians who have stories to tell, and recollections of, some of the iconic years and aircraft that have made their mark on the SBAC shows of old (and relatively recent ones too...).

The Black Arrows looping 22 Hunters? Roly Falk rolling the Vulcan? Or maybe you remember seeing Javelins, Lightnings or some of Britain's weird and wonderful experimental machines? What about Concorde? The coming of the Russians post-Glasnost? The mighty Antonovs?

Seen all those! 1958 was my first Farnborough when I was knee high to a grasshopper and I distinctly recall my Dad watching the "Black Arrows" climbing up with 22 Hunters and saying "My God, they're going to loop the lot". That was also the first time I saw the Fairey Rotodyne, but memories of that year are a bit vague.
However that was when the aviation bug really started as by the time the 1959 Farnborough show came around, I was better genned up and knew what I was looking at - the Fairey Rotodyne again with the 'Westland Circus' - Two Whirlwinds, Wessex, Saro P531, Westminster and Widgeon , the Black Arrows, the first sight of the BEA red square livery on the Vanguard and Comet 4B, the horrendously noisy Short SC.1 hovering, first Argosy, Twin Pioneer STOL demo .....and everything was British made!! The Fleet Air Arm display team of Scimitars from 807 Squadron was awsome! Two landed from one end of the runway and a third landed at the opposite end simultaneously :hide: As they approached each other, they all folded their wings so the singleton could pass between the other two!!! :ghost: Imagine that being allowed today? Have been every year since!
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