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by dhassell
Sat 14 Jul 2018, 7:13 pm
Forum: Royal International Air Tattoo
Topic: 2018 Security
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Re: 2018 Security

My experience today.
1) tickets scanned
2) waved past metal detector
3) waved past bag check.

Brilliant security :lol:
by dhassell
Mon 15 Jan 2018, 6:48 pm
Forum: Royal International Air Tattoo
Topic: RIAT 2018 discussion
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Re: RIAT 2018 discussion

Airshowhammer wrote:Don't know if its been mentioned but RIAT are now supplying a shuttle bus for departure days! :clap:

Very good news! And I am very tempted to make use of it!

I just have a quick question, in previous years, what time do planes start to depart?
by dhassell
Tue 18 Jul 2017, 7:06 pm
Forum: Royal International Air Tattoo
Topic: Riat Tat
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Re: RIAT Tat

"Raptor stool" Christ on a bike. . . please guys get it right, its stall not 'stool'! Whch is a completely different item and youll be more than complaining at the price . Get that in your palm, at whatver price and you'll asking for a Bobby Sands dirty protest! (look him up if you don't ...
by dhassell
Sun 16 Jul 2017, 9:06 am
Forum: Royal International Air Tattoo
Topic: Thunderbirds opinions
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Re: Thunderbirds opinions

I thoroughly enjoyed their display. 6 F-16's flying about can't be all bad! As said, commentary wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Was a bit taken aback though by them flying on the 'B' axis to break, and then just continuing along straight over our heads! I didn't think that sor...
by dhassell
Sat 15 Jul 2017, 4:23 am
Forum: Royal International Air Tattoo
Topic: Airshow first timer tips
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Re: Airshow first timer tips

Hi all, RIAT 2017 will be my first airshow. Does anyone have any tips that might help me out? I have a standard ticket for the Sunday and will have my 5 year old daughter with me if that makes any difference. i would really think about whether you're taking your daughter to an airshow or if she is ...