Duxford Diary 2020

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Postby Roobarb on Tue 24 Mar 2020, 8:04 pm

Such a shame the B25 was wasted like that and came to the state it's in now. Imagine if it had gone (at this point and state when with Aces High) to Elvington or Newark as they are now. They would have really done something with it and kept it in good order. It was a real looker when it was at Southend Historic Aircraft Museum, especially after it had the nose changed and got repainted again. It all went downhill after it's B17G top turret was loaned to the TV company that made "We'll meet again" for use either on Sally B or making the mould for a fresh blown turret ( I can't remember which it was) and they never gave it back to HAM to be refitted, so a sheet of alloy had to be pop riveted over that gaping turret hole :mad:
After being "sold" at the museum auction and the sale falling through it passed to Aces High who moved it to their then base at DX, where after re-assembly it got damaged in the storm of '87. Moving on to North Weald it had a cosmetic blow-over into a pseudo USAAF scheme but when sold at a DX auction to a new DX based owner (who allegedly mistook it and thought he was buying the Aces High airworthy camera ship "Dolly") it fell into advanced disrepair and inaction whilst a wrangle played out. During this time it was pushed onto the grass by the M11 and exfoliation corrosion dealt it a death blow far beyond the salvation by any museum. I imagine it might one day appear at a cockpit-fest type event, though the interior was gutted and vandalised when I last saw her.
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Re: Duxford Diary 2020

Postby ozplane on Wed 25 Mar 2020, 5:34 pm

I didn't have you down as a car enthusiast DCW?

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Postby Tom105 on Wed 25 Mar 2020, 11:23 pm

The b25 is now in the very safe hands of wings museum and them are slowly restoring back to former glory and will go display when completed, they have made good progress on the nose when I saw it in January!


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