Autumn flight with a Bü 133C Jungmeister

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Autumn flight with a Bü 133C Jungmeister

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Last Saturday I took one of the last opportunities this year to take some air to air pictures. I really had luck with the weather.
The Bücker Bü 133C Jungmeister was a trainer of the Swiss Air Force from 1936.
It is a single-engine, single-seater biplane in a wood-steel tube construction, which was covered with fabric.
With the "C" series, the aircraft received a shortened fuselage on the one hand and a 160 HP Siemens Sh14 A-4 radial engine on the other. This biplane was used by the Swiss Air Force with the tactical designation U-53 (Umschulung, that is why the designation U-XX is used) and was retired from active service in December 1968 after exactly 32 years of use for air combat training. The Bücker "Jungmeister" could be equipped with machine gun cameras. These held, coupled with a stopwatch, the course of the training fights was then recorded on film, which then allowed for an exact evaluation of the fight sequences. Despite their proven commitment to pilot training for more than thirty years, the Bu-133 had to be withdrawn from active military service in 1968.

Markings on the side rudder
An R on the rudder indicates suitability for inverted flight.
(Unlike the other aircraft, these have a third fuel cock position, especially for inverted flight.)
A RV on the rudder indicates approval for inverted flight. ((Vrille (German: Trudeln / English: Spin) is a one-sided stall and is initiated by braking only one half of the wing to below the minimum airspeed).
An F on the rudder means that the machine has been fitted with a suitable filter to prevent water from entering the carburettor through the air intake pipe when it rains.
Image1DIV7177 by Patrik Scheidegger, auf Flickr
ImageD1X_4751 by Patrik Scheidegger, auf Flickr
ImageD1X_4592 by Patrik Scheidegger, auf Flickr
ImageD1X_4786 by Patrik Scheidegger, auf Flickr

Thanks for looking and stay healthy.

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Re: Autumn flight with a Bü 133C Jungmeister

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Lovely photos and thanks for the explanation also.

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Re: Autumn flight with a Bü 133C Jungmeister


Lovely machine, lovely photos!


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