L29 under a bridge

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L29 under a bridge

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Re: L29 under a bridge

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Only just stumbled upon this - but can't believe no comments thus far...?
Any idea where and when it was taken?

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Re: L29 under a bridge

Post by speedbird2639 »

Some detail here http://www.warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/fun-facts/1965-mig-flies-bridge-a-4-submarine-fake-real.html but it doesn't really clear anything up.

For me the photo looks fake - the exposure/ lighting of the plane seems to be totally different to the low contrast overall appearance of the rest of the scene.

Now granted me saying it looks fake isnt conclusive proof but generally the simplest explanation proves to be correct in most matters.

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Re: L29 under a bridge

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Got to admit it does look fake? If you expand the photo around the aircraft the pixels are somewhat larger than the foreground and background, stand to be corrected but although quite convincing it just doesn't cut it for me! :smile:

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Re: L29 under a bridge

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Fake. More fake than a faking fakir faking a rope trick (with apologies to Misters Curtis and Elton, Blackadder is on Dave!) or even a Vulcan roll...
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Re: L29 under a bridge

Post by boff180 »

Very fake!

There is no shadow or water reflection, the contrast is wrong, the angle of the aircraft relative to the scene would mean it was flying out of the river bank.

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Re: L29 under a bridge

Post by capercaillie »

Well I've heard of several eye witness reports to this happening along the River Witham and several "sequences "have been posted and taken down on social media. It was said to be one of those black ones in the interim non-booking period between Team Viper and Team Jackdaw. :ninja:
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