TLE Jaguars & Tornado's Evening 17/01/17

TLE Jaguars & Tornado's Evening 17/01/17

Postby A380_sully on Fri 03 Feb 2017, 2:20 pm

A little late to the party (my usual style :D ), due to home commitments and limited processing/uploading time.

I visited RAF Cosford for my first attmept at a TLE Jaguars and Tornado's evening 17/01/17 so thought I'd share with you my results in the hope of comments and constructive tips to assist future opportunities.

All responses would be welcomed.....

1) Image

2). Image

3). Image

4). Image

5). Image

6). Image

7). Image

8. Image

9). Image

10). Image

11). Image

12). Image

13). Image

14). Image

The observant will notice a lack ot tornado's. There were two frames available, but that's just what they were, frames. The engines had been completely removed so depending on angles you could see straight in, through and out of the jet and if you "squared" the jet up somewhat, the lack of engine cowlings was also very noticeable. I lost heart trying to get a decent angle I felt did the jet justice. Practice needed therefore on Tornado shots......

Thanks for looking,

Cheers, Kelvin

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Postby Avionics6 on Sat 04 Feb 2017, 10:47 am

Thanks for sharing these Kevin. I think that what surprises me here is that the aircraft looks to be in the same locations they were in on the Monday evening when I was there... the weather looks similar too. Some good human interest shots too... these are different to the posed for images on Monday. Perhaps the aircraft inside were moved a little (?)
The tornados were a little challenging to photograph, the grey green one was easier as you could get front 3/4 and hide the lack of exhausts and bulk inside, but yes a challenge. I'd guess that as the type are still in service, the expensive rotating hot bits tend to get removed to support those still flying, as spares... or did the mk4s upgrade the engines? But still good to see them for the shoot. The grey one was tricky to get a good angle on and whilst I took quite a few shots from different angles, I think it's the one subject I've not bothered to edit any image so far as they just didnt seem to work; I think the same was true for the jaguar that was parked in that location on the first shoot in October.
Given the challenging conditions, I think it was a good shoot and had produced some good images... always worth a visit, but hopefully the next one won't be for a while as it's almost a 400 mile round trip for me.

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Postby jag636 on Sun 05 Feb 2017, 8:53 pm

Like the other set of pictures they are well thought out and the manaquins are in the right places and posed well, I'm bound to be biased towards the jaguar as I am an ex linny on 54 and shinny 2 and spent many a happy hours in the pits I so miss them low flying :sad:
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Re: TLE Jaguars & Tornado's Evening 17/01/17

Postby Stu on Mon 13 Feb 2017, 12:38 pm

Superb selection love No10 thanks for posting them up :up:
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