Midland Air Museum

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Midland Air Museum

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Hi Guys,

During 2018 I spent a long hot summer tripping around some of the UK's best aviation museums and I'm finally getting to go through and re-visit them. We start with the excellent, but crowded Midland Air Museum at Baginton, Coventry.

Meteor F.4 surrounded by museum detritus.

ImageMAM 03

Saab J-29 illustrating the diversity of the collection.

ImageMAM 07

Upstairs in the main building are displays on Armstrong Whitworth, including this large model of an AW.681 heavy lifter, note the vectored thrust Medway engines.

ImageMAM 23

Boulton Paul P.111A research aircraft.

ImageMAM 29

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy.

ImageMAM 31

The last surviving Fairey Gannet trainer, on loan from the FAA Museum.

ImageMAM 40

MiG-21 in DDR markings.

ImageMAM 49

Fairey Ultra Light helicopter.

ImageMAM 55

RSAF Lightning T.55.

ImageMAM 70

The memorial to local lad Frank Whittle at the roundabout near Lutterworth.

ImageMAM 72

More images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871 ... 612540866/

Thanks for looking.

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