Something Big!

Photos of commercial airliners
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Something Big!

Post by Bradley@Norwich »

Evening All,

Thought i would share a photo that i took of the Airlander at Cardington a few weeks ago.

ImageHybrid Air Vehicles | HAV Airlander 10 | G-PHRG by Bradley Bygrave, on Flickr

All thoughts are welcome

Kind Regards

Bradley :smile:
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Re: Something Big!

Post by Jakub.Zurek »

Gorgeous light on that one.

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Re: Something Big!

Post by DonaldGrump »

What a great shot that is.

"Just took the dog for a walk across the fields an found this!"

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Re: Something Big!

Post by flyguy1992 »

What a fantastic picture, probably the best photo ive seen of this massive aircraft. The evening light is stunning!!

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