Last departure for BA 747 IVY and IVB

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Last departure for BA 747 IVY and IVB

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Hi all,

Well, thats that then.
I was there when they arrived and I was there when they left, the 747-200 was the first type I worked on in TBJ as an apprentice and my dad retired having been a flight engineer on the classis coal burners as well.
I thought I would share these pictures from last weeks departures on a gloomy wet Thursday morning, pushing back from the blast bank that I stood on to watch them arrive all those years ago, dead on 07:47....

Hope you like them,

Image256A0114-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0112-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0182-Edit by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0176-Edit-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0215-1 by J G, on Flickr

Image256A0234-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0243-1-2 by RR, on Flick

Image256A0318-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0350-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0399-1-2 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0403-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image256A0405-1 by RR, on Flickr

Image50451619411_025e118296_h by RR, on Flickr
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Re: Last departure for BA 747 IVY and IVB

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Hi Jeff. Thanks for posting these pictures which are a great record of a sad day.

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Re: Last departure for BA 747 IVY and IVB

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Thanks for posting. End of an era indeed. Particularly like the 747 and Concorde tail shots.

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