JASDF Hamamatsu & Shizuhama Pilot Training

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JASDF Hamamatsu & Shizuhama Pilot Training

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When students are admitted to their studies to become a pilot at the JASDF, they must first complete the Flight Preparation Course offered at various defense colleges. Both airports Hofu and Shizuhama offer the so-called Introductory Pilot Course where students learn the basic aspects of flying with the T-7 once they have completed the theory. In total, the elementary program will take more than two years before the student can transfer to the advanced program. A large part of the group will lose weight during the basic training and will therefore have to leave the training. Once the pilots have obtained their certification on the T-7, they will enter their further training where they will fly with the Kawasaki T-4. This training takes place at Ashiya Air Base in the southwest of the country. After completing the Basic Pilot Course with the 13th Flight Education Corps at Ashiya Air Base, the students will move to Hamamatsu. The pilots are able to fly a jet like the T-4 at this stage.

During the training at Hamamatsu, the students will be trained as fighter pilots for the first time. During the Combat Fighter Pilot Course with the 1st Flight Education Corps, the pilots go through one very important phase. During the training of one year at Hamamatsu, it is determined whether the pilots eventually become a fighter pilot or whether they move on to another type at the JASDF, such as the transport aircraft. Those who complete the second semester of this training will receive their wings and become an official pilot at the JASDF. The students who continue to become a fighter pilot continue their way to the "Battle Fighter Pilot Course". After this step in training, the pilots will move to the 4th Air Wing at Matsushima Air Base if trained for the Mitsubishi F-2 and to the 23rd Flight Education Air Corps at Nyatubaru if continuing on the F-15 Eagle. The students who will go to the larger aircraft types move to Miho Air Base to continue their education there. In short for the students, their period at Hamamatsu is decisive in their career at the JASDF.

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