German EF2000 Eurofighter @Norvenich in 2020

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German EF2000 Eurofighter @Norvenich in 2020

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During the Blue Flag missions, the German EF2000 Eurofighters flew together with the Israeli F-16s. The Eurofighters of Tactisches Luftwaffe Geschwader 31 (TLG-31) are currently among the newest Eurofighters flying around Germany. The aircraft all have high production numbers (31+..), which often means that these aircraft are of the Tranche 4 standard. These aircraft are capable of using both air and ground weapons during deployment. Every day six to eight Eurofighters would fly during the Blue Flag missions. The Eurofighter is currently one of the most modern combat aircraft in European airspace. In total there are four actively operational Eurofighter airfields in Germany, namely: Norvenich, Neuburg, Laage and Wittmund. The aircraft is the primary air defense fighter of the German Luftwaffe.

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