Schedule for 4th - 8th? or 11th - 14th

Schedule for 4th - 8th? or 11th - 14th

Postby lifeofbrian on Wed 06 Jul 2016, 4:12 pm

Is there such a thing? I've seen quite a few things this week but they seem to be very spaced out, obviously around the standard traffic which would make a specific schedule difficult. Is the trade week the same schedule as the public weekend?

Re: Schedule for 4th - 8th? or 11th - 14th

Postby wv383 on Wed 06 Jul 2016, 4:56 pm

There are very large gaps this week as it is purely validations.

Short answer to whether the displays on Trade Days are different to public days is yes very much so. Featured acts such as A380, A400M, F/A18, F-35 and Typhoon (BAE display not RAF) are on both but other stuff like the 787 and 737MAX are Trade Days only. The public days this year include Bearcat and Catalina from Duxford, Twister Duo, The Blades, Global Stars (also in 4 Extras), Great War Display Team, Spitfire, Swordfish among others. Red Arrows are only doing flypasts with 'special guests' (assumed to be the F-35). They are opening the show on Monday morning and then back for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

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