RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 - UPDATE: CANCELLED

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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 - UPDATE: CANCELLED

Post by spellow3010 »

It's very easy to fall into the realms of conspiracy theory, hyperbole and speculation as to what has actually gone on here, regardless of the 'right thing to do, right tone' messages on social media about it.

However, in one hand, I hold Wembley stadium full of 60,000 variously intoxicated football supporters this Sunday evening with ZERO social distancing. And there on the other hand, we have an empty RAF field. I think the key part here is 'RAF.'

The risk averse decision to make is to hold no show.

It's just an opinion. I have no facts on the matter. Other than at least 60,000 football supporters this Sunday evening in various states of intoxication, with ZERO social distancing.

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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 - UPDATE: CANCELLED

Post by 2e1var »

Suspect it may have been difficult to get foreign participation at the moment, guess we would have got a 'seaside' type show I'd have gone anyway. My last show was RIAT 2019, can't quite believe that.
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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 - UPDATE: CANCELLED

Post by Aquarious »

It's a shame this has happened again but it was not unexpected as there had been few if any announcements on the show itself. What I don't understand is that they waited three weeks from the PM's announcement of the delay on 16th June but couldn't wait another 1.5 weeks until today for the next announcement. Was there a critical Go/No Go date and if so, why did it take three weeks to make that decision. No matter, I wasn't expecting the airshow season this year to be any different to last year and unfortunately I've been proven to be largely correct.

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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 - UPDATE: CANCELLED

Post by Gt5500 »

I suspect it's simply a case of money (non refundable) needed to be paid for certain things and they weren't confident enough that the show would go ahead based on the current state of affairs.
People just don't seem to get how precarious the finances are for events like this, even in a normal year, let alone this year. The Euro at Wembley is not even worthy of comparison, the finances involved with something like that are not on the same planet.