RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 Wish List

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RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 Wish List

Post by JonG96 »

Over the last couple of days I have been flicking through some videos of previous Cosford Air Show's. Cosford would have only just finished about a month ago, although due to the circumstances, wasn't able to go ahead. I remember the excitement of the arrivals day and the actual day itself. It got me thinking about what I'd love to see at next years show, given the vast amount of variety Cosford has offered these past couple of years.

I'd love to see the high calibre of international participation return, especially with the fast jets, they seem to outperform some of the recent RAF Typhoon displays.
Fast Jets I'd love to see would be Rafale return to Cosford. It is always a high energy display and was blown away when I saw it at Cosford 18'. A jet I hasn't seen before that I'd like to see at Cosford would be the Polish SU-22 Fitter, which was recently confirmed to be on the 2021 airshow circuit. Maybe something from the US, such as an F35 for the first time.

The P50 Mustang is also always a good viewing, as well as other WW2 such as the B17 and obviously the BBMF.

Are there any favourites of yours that you would like to see return, or anything new that hasn't performed at Cosford before?

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Re: RAF Cosford Air Show 2021 Wish List

Post by jasonT1981 »

Would love to see the SU22 2 ship demo that is returning next year as well as a Mig 29 again which was brilliant in 2018.

Ultimate Fighters would be great, I know they were on the list for 2020 before it was cancelled and I have yet to see them.

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