Accommodation '22

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Re: Accommodation '22

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vulcan57 wrote:
Thu 16 Sep 2021, 1:48 pm

Just looked on and the cheapest there is for an anytime daily return for £31.04 from Bristol Temple Meads to Swindon.
What dates were you looking for? Trainline is cheaper the further out you book, and more expensive the closer you are. If I look for a ticket for tomorrow, its £27 return, if I look 4 weeks from now, £17. I usually buy the tickets 12 weeks or so before the journey (though with Covid the schedules don't come out 12 weeks ahead like they did pre-2020) as that is when they are at their cheapest and pick them up at the station when I arrive in Bristol.

The £15 is what I paid in 2017-2019, booked around April/May for the July RIAT dates. £17 now, for a journey weks ahead seems about right.

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Re: Accommodation '22

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Managed to book a room at The Vale Hotel in Cricklade. £99 for a night, unfortunately non refundable but never mind. Just happy to have booked a room and not too far away!

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Re: Accommodation '22

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Looks like Kempsford Camping are taking bookings for 2022

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Re: Accommodation '22

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Mike1 wrote:
Tue 12 Oct 2021, 4:40 pm
Looks like Kempsford Camping are taking bookings for 2022
Just booked £110 for 6 nights, been before, the best site IMO, will fill quickly now