Melvyn Hiscock

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Melvyn Hiscock

Post by ted633 »

Can't see another post on here, but thought it deserved it's own topic.
Just seen on the Wings & Wheels Facebook page (don't know how to link via my phone) that Melvyn Hiscock has passed away.
He, along with Brendan O'Brien, really made Wings & Wheels stand out from other shows. RIP.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by Tom105 »

Really really sad news, Wings and wheels commentary team were the best there was, always funny even if it was tipping it down and always factual.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by UKTopgun »

He and Brendan always lit up Wings and Wheels with a warm and funny commentary. A commentator who really made the visitors feel a part of the event. Sympathy to his family and friends.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by aviationanoraks »

Very sad news.
Always liked Melvyn’s commentary.

A personal memory of him being a true gentleman was at a Biggin Hill show a few years ago.
He was taxiing to his parking slot in the Cloudster and indicated to Mrs. A to remove her hat as he was going to spin it round and didn’t want her to have to retrieve it from a good few feet behind her due to the prop wash!

A really nice guy.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by Ant.H »

Very sad to read this, I never did meet him but did used to exchange emails and forum messages with him. He was obviously a very passionate and gifted bloke, as others have said he was a great commentator at W&W and other shows.

RIP mate.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock


A top bloke blue skies Melv


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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by Andrew-O »

Very sad news. Melv was always a pleasure to meet, whether at an air show, Popham or La Ferte Alais. We’ve lost one of the good guys.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by Merlin70 »

Very sad news and a great loss. Melvyn was one of those great commentators who knew his stuff and knew when to speak and when to let the display Aircraft speak for itself.
His comments on aviation Forii were balanced and informative and he had a great sense of humour.
RIP Melvyn. Your were one of a kind

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by vintage ATCO »

Melvyn told us about four years ago at Dunsfold his news (I don't work there, just volunteer ATC). He bore it with fortitude, such a brave bloke. He and Bend'em O'Brien were such a double act. Pity Dunsfold ended when it did as he probable would have got another year from it. Another of aviation's great characters gone.

Much love to Caroline and all his friends.

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Re: Melvyn Hiscock

Post by Zap43 »

Such sad news, I have really great memories of meetings with Melvyn, either in the UK and tinkering with vintage aircraft, or at Ferte Alais in France with the memorial flight, oh happy memories.

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